Adam Schiff refuses to answer questions about his maneuver of illegally obtaining, then leaking, a private citizen’s phone records, simply because he is losing and they are a member of the opposition. What is this, Nazi Germany? Because in America, this is ILLEGAL.

Under the Patriot Act, President Trump and many other innocent Americans are spied on, harassed, and have become victims of military-based psyops and weaponry, in their own country. Why? Because they are a threat to the established practices of corruption of those who are screaming for impeachment. 

Potentially treasonous proceedings are being conducted. Witnesses are being tested in a secret basement chamber, then are brought to the public show. Only Schiff-approved witnesses are allowed. But when they are asked, not one can provide a shred of evidence of wrongdoing by President Trump. They are trying to impeach him based on feelings and conjecture.

Fortunately, the current administration’s FBI is investigating many illicit practices like this in their extensive cleanup of this unjust system that has allowed many who hold political offices to profit from far too many taxpayer dollars via federal grants to companies that relatives have been inserted into, such as Burisma. 

The Ukranian connection.

President Trump didn’t do anything illegal. His accusers did. And now they are trying to provide the largest disinformation campaign in the history of the world in order to cover it up. Their usual tactic of destroying the lives of their opponents via their agencies (IRS, FBI, CIA) doesn’t seem to be working quite as well as it once did. In their journey toward global corruption, they never thought they’d need to cover their tracks. So, fortunately for the good guys, they’ve left a plethora of evidence behind.


When asked to explain an inconvenient truth, many politicians will insult the questioner, which usually deflects further questioning. It’s a psychological tactic that’s successfully and often used. Biden’s been using it almost daily.

The machinations of the extensive network that Schiff, Nadler, Biden, and Pelosi belong to are evident in this impeachment circus. The unveiling of FISA and surveillance abuses, through Trump’s case and others, gives us a good look at certain patterns that every Targeted Individual (and many of their associates) experience through Umbrella Surveillance Abuse

Victims are attacked from every possible angle - personal, financial, political, historical, legal. Their mental health is constantly questioned. In this system, since 9/11, thousands of Americans are unaware that there is a force that’s working to destroy their lives, often for no apparent reason. 

Surveillance abuse has been increasing in size and scope since the 1950s. At this point, many illegal procedures have become standard practice. Victims are regularly lied about in police, psychiatric, employment, and other reports. Mental illnesses are used as weapons to discredit a person.

We’ve learned through them that what we are going through is ‘implausible.' Implausible as it may be (even we have a hard time believing it), video doesn’t lie. The volume on the case for insanity increases when we bring this up, though.

Confidential Human Sources have become terrorists to citizens who have been illegally added to the terror watch list. For many on this list, extremely intrusive surveillance and a life of frequent and very strange harassment has taken over a previously ‘normal’ life.

The average person does not understand psychological torture/warfare, or even know it exists. This is partly why this epidemic has successfully remained hidden for decades.


To staff such a large venture, DHS Fusion Centers were created. Through them, thousands of community-based Confidential Human Sources were taught how to hunt and harass their fellow humans. Most businesses, at this point, have been infiltrated by them. They’re similar to the Stasi.

The average person has also never heard of Fusion Centers, Confidential Human Sources, or the Stasi. This is by design; a supposed manual for these community-based stalkers states that:

Although operations are silently approved of, and covered for by the official justice system, they are not seen as criminal in nature by citizens who do not have a strong sense of right and wrong.

Agents must take great care that each and every act of punishment is DENIABLE. This means that should the target complain to police, or any other officials, or friends, neighbors, family members, or doctors, the nature of the punishment must be seen as the target’s “overactive imagination” or better yet, an indication the target is mentally ill.

The manual, with tactics that seem to have been developed by psychopaths, can be found here.

I and thousands of others are victims of the tactics described in this manual. I have had tires flattened, things stolen (one of every pair of gloves I own, eggbeaters), and things broken.

Lights in the neighborhood go off and on every night correlating with traffic. My cat was killed. I brought him in for an autopsy in a blue cooler. After that, a blue cooler appeared on my neighbor’s porch for about a week. It’s back this week, since I’ve been typing about it. There is no such thing as privacy. It had drinks around, possibly it so I’d relate blue coolers to picnics again. Psyops. 

I’ve been kicked out of my neighborhood watch for asking too many questions. I’ve found myself suddenly standing in a hallway, with no recollection of the previous four hours. Sometimes I wake up with bruises or scratches. Conversations about anything current in our lives have to be discouraged. We’re basically removed from ‘normal’ society while still having to live in it. It’s not possible for us to trust anyone fully. 

Every electronic I own is hacked, including a printer, and my car, which I didn’t even know was possible. People have been in my house daily to tilt pictures hanging on the wall. Seriously. One day someone stacked my pillows on the couch with my Women of the Asylum book on top. They often run license plates by us, like INSANE, ASYLUM, and DEATH. The threat of death is used often. There was also an out of state hearse that would go speeding by every once in a while, just to let me know I was still just a little mouse among big cats. One day, shortly after I contacted an official about having to put up with this bullshit in a supposedly free country, UMATTER went by, and changes started happening.

I’ve been the victim of three staged accidents. I’ve been harassed by first responders. Sirens had free reign in one area - every day for a while, an ambulance would go screaming through the same busy intersection as I was waiting at the light. The construction traffic cop would wave & laugh. Lights and sirens went off when the show was over. Every time. This is one of the ways we can tell we’re targeted - too many inane ‘coincidences’ like this often happen around us. To them, it might be all in good fun. To a victim, it’s just another reminder that the only way out of this is through death.


Psychological operations can be an excellent tool for peaceful resolutions instead of an overt physical war, but this military power has also morphed into a machine of destruction. It’s created a culture of misery that has spread like a plague. Some have described this phenomenon as ‘a hidden world that’s in plain sight.’

It’s like a neverending LARP from hell.

The fact that I am a victim of this program displays its vastness. I am not a celebrity or a politician or an organized crime member, and don’t know any. So I assumed early on that this was really, really big. 

About three hours after I exposed a bit of corruption, vehicles (some from out of state) began turning around in the vicinity of my house. Now, if it only takes three hours for a complete stranger to find exactly which house someone lives in and have a crew familiarize themselves with it, then there is a massive problem with surveillance abuse.

My primary doctor said I was delusional, and so does every other official report. I asked one psychiatrist to research it, as I was desperately trying to find someone who could help with what I was going through. He refused. I left. He played the billing game and was paid twice. I sent a note back with the last bill and haven’t heard a thing since. I tried to get help - every outlet that should have jumped to the rescue (police, gov’t officials, ACLU, lawyers, doctors, psychs) gave me crickets. Or this. It’s a fucking travesty.

Victims who have moved to another country to escape the misery have about three days before it all begins again. When we try to get help from law enforcement, they are trained to send us to psych. I am hoping that LE was not aware of the extent or the roots of this problem. I think many of them have also been duped by the system above them.

This system of abuse runs so rampant that it’s made it into songs like Crazy:

“It wasn’t because I didn’t know enough  

I just knew too much

Does that make me crazy?”

Crazy also features power lines (1:01), which could be suggestive of the electronic, frequency, etc. weapons that are used.

“…operators can monitor the electromagnetic environment and determine what frequencies an adversary is operating on. Further, Soldiers can use multiple VMAX systems to geo-locate a signal…”


Electronic weapons:

The Targeted Individual community is in dire need of assistance with obtaining detection equipment for these directed-energy weapons, as the attacks are invisible.  I trolled Elon Musk for a bit about getting help with this. Maybe if more of us asked, he would stop breaking his toys and do something useful.

Cells within military and justice systems contribute to much of the corruption…

NJSPCA is a broken agency run by 'wannabe cops,' state report finds

“Animal abuse complaints aren't investigated for weeks…Officers are accused of overstepping their limited law enforcement authority, even conducting illegal traffic stops. Staff allegedly misuse company cars and contracts are awarded to businesses connected to top members…In one case, the commission found, it took more than a month for the group to respond to a complaint "involving two Yorkshire terrier puppies covered in motor oil and fleas.”


Fortunately, some are waking up to these abuses of power and taking the proper steps to correct them. It does seem as if some progress is being made in cleaning up this mess. Thank you. And profuse apologies to those I’ve wrongly offended. 

NJSPCA Is History: Christie Signs Bill Shutting Down Rogue Agency

“Legislation disbanding the New Jersey Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals…was enacted into law today” 

The abuse of the NYPD, a symbol of American strength and endurance, is proudly aired. When there is such a blatant lack of respect for authority, what do we have left? Many of us are quite upset that these officers are putting up with this. What is their oath worth? All the ‘suicides’ may have something to do with this, though. One never knows.


Social media has also been recruited (or developed) to track and control algorithms. Operation Mockingbird, an old CIA program that planted stories in the press, appears to have kept up with the times.


The world seems to revolve around YouTube, Twitter, and Facebook. President Trump’s tweets are the subject of many discussions on those platforms and in the news. What most people don’t know is that all three of those companies have covert government connections. Every single user’s actions on each of these platforms, and more, are stored in a system known as The Hammer. Maxine Waters describes it in a 2013 interview: “The president [Obama] has put in place an organization that contains a kind of database that no one has ever seen before in life. That’s going to be very, very powerful…and that database will have information about everything, on every individual, in ways that it’s never been done before…”

Look at targeted advertising. We’ve all heard stories of some obscure thing someone had just been talking about suddenly appearing in an ad on their device. But how? The only way would be if the device is always listening, even when the microphone is turned off. We talk, they listen. Is it a coincidence that Facebook was founded the same day an eerily similar DARPA program ended? Why was Huawei banned from the US? Why is every single piece of technology created with a ‘back door’ into some kind of surveillance feature or other? 

Thanks to the impeachment circus, and enough victims of this technological totalitarianism/surveillance abuse phenomenon making enough noise, the truly unbelievable mass surveillance that has been going on in America is beginning to be revealed.  

"I believe that reauthorization of the Patriot Act poses such a grave threat to Americans, especially people of color, that I led a letter to the House Judiciary Committee opposing its reauthorization before robust, progressive reforms were made to prevent the continued misuse of its broad and intrusive reach.”  

-Rashida Tlaib

"When the Patriot Act's surveillance authorities were initially enacted, they came with a 'sunset' clause to safeguard against the exact scenario where we had an authoritarian, racist, openly fascist president…And yet here we are and top Dems are still supporting reauthorization."

It’s extremely hard to separate fact from fiction regarding this subject, though. Online Targeted Individual groups seem to be stocked with Russian bots, put there to promote/reinforce the insanity label. There are a lot of comments like, “Wow, off your meds, huh?” and the like. Covert, officially sponsored disinformation campaigns and psychological warfare as a means of control have been going on for decades.

This psychological torture has led to many deaths in the Targeted Individual community - Myron May is one. NBC writes in 2014: “Hours before he opened fire at the Florida State University library, lawyer Myron May left a desperate voicemail for an acquaintance with this plea: ‘I do not want to die in vain’…the former prosecutor laid bare his torment: He believed government ‘stalkers’ were harassing him and using a ‘direct energy weapon’ to hurt him.”


They were. But he (and every other victim) is ridiculed. It’s this kind of inane, pointless bizarreness that we’re describing to people who think we’ve lost it. It’s very apparent to us that what is happening around us is not normal, but we sound batshit crazy when we tell others about it…and this is by design.

The problem is, at this point in history, there are far too many victims of this who are describing the same patterns of abuse from all over the world for these bizarre happenings to be blamed on a mental disorder. May was put on the terror watch list illegally after a controversial case.

“May, 31, a Florida State graduate, was in a paranoia-fueled ‘state of crisis’ when he showed up to the library with a .380 semiautomic pistol, shot three people and was then killed by cops when he would not drop the weapon.”

Suicide by cop, thanks to a covert government harassment program. After he had literally begged for help.

“His social media activity revealed that he believed he was a ‘targeted individual,’ the term used by people who think the government and shadowy gangs are attacking them with mind control and invisible, remote weapons. ‘I am currently being cooked in my chair. I devised a scheme where I was going to expose this once and for all and I really need you…I do not want to die in vain.’”

I’ve felt the cooking sensation - it’s not at all pleasant. I’ve gotten up in the morning and thrown up blood. I’ve been awakened in the middle of the night to throw up. They use microwave weapons. They’re frying our organs and causing cancer. They also cause headaches, and large profits for certain industries.

“In an email he sent at 11:19 p.m., he wrote: ‘I've been getting hit with the direct energy weapon in my chest all evening [I’ve felt this also]. It hurts really bad right now.’ Police say he opened fire on campus about an hour later.”

These are the extremes some victims will go through to escape the existence they’re forced to endure. 

“Myron believes that the police are after him and are bugging his phone and car as well as placing cameras in his home and car [and workplace - this is the norm]…he had been up without sleep for four or five days straight…had been evaluated at a local hospital two weeks earlier…He stated that he can constantly hear voices coming through the walls specifically talking about the actions he was doing.” 

There have been several stories recently of people being terrorized by their own home security cameras. This kind of technology is abused fairly regularly. Many victims have also detected EMF’s coming from various places, including inside walls.

“…he made several posts on a Facebook page for ‘Targeted Individuals International,’ including one that asked, ‘Has anyone here ever been encouraged by your handler to kill with a promise of freedom?’”

V2K, or Voice-to-Skull, technology has been around for many years. It’s also called the Voice of God weapon. 

Voices talk to victims of this so that schizophrenia is assumed when they describe what they’re experiencing. The voices can be computer-generated or real. Reporting victims are further abused by the system when they are not only denied help, but are further abused for reporting it through staged accidents or the like.

Fellow FSU students who were interviewed had absolutely no clue that Mr. May was indeed a Targeted Individual. Contributing to this is the media, who is tasked with stopping any further inquiries by pushing the mental illness theme. This serves several purposes - it lets the powers that be know that public outlets will continue to cover for their misdeeds automatically, no questions asked. It also tells the targeted community that there will never be anyone who doesn’t think they’re mentally ill, and it tells the general population that we are inconsequential.

"An email he sent Mitchell hours before the library shootings outlined 10 packages he had sent to her and other friends around the country, with photos of certified mail receipts and tracking information. Mitchell said she had not yet received the package, but had been told it contained videos and writing on a thumb drive. In one of the text messages, he said he was sending return receipts for the packages to Mitchell 'because I anticipate that I’ll be gone at that point.'"

What was in those packages?

"Speaking to reporters Thursday, District Attorney Mark D’Antonio described May as likable and dedicated. ‘Everybody will tell you that he was efficient, very well-intentioned during his work, worked hard, and honestly was a very good public defender and a very good assistant district attorney,’ he said…noting that May showed no signs of mental illness during his time as a prosecutor.”

This is a typical pattern. Most targets are of above-average integrity and intelligence, and perfectly sane. Some kind of controversy comes along, and all of a sudden they’re victims of an induced mental illness.

Isaac Kappy ("Beware the man that has nothing to lose, for he has nothing to protect.”) is also a big name in the Targeted Individual community. From his last Instagram post:

“And while it’s true I have outed many pedophiles that were former FRIENDS, I remained in their sphere for much longer than I should have…I will be using the remainder of my time on earth to atone for my transgressions, and to seek the light within, in others and myself”

Two days later:

Actor Isaac Kappy Dead After He 'Forced Himself Off' a Bridge and Was Hit by a Car

“On May 13, 2019 at 7:26 a.m., troopers were called to Interstate 40 eastbound at Transwestern Road (milepost 185) for a subject who forced himself off the Transwestern Rd. bridge onto Interstate 40,”

A leaked CNN anchor’s Jeffrey Epstein video required a politically correct response in order to keep her current job. The person accused of leaking the video was fired. The original story was killed. These people do not operate under free speech. Media careers are dependent upon keeping certain secrets, at any cost. An individual can only go so far to expose something when their voices are simply drowned out. 

Psychiatry is being used to disappear these crimes, and is the problem here, not the answer. The profound irony of doctors, psychologists, and psychiatrists daring to suggest that reporting victims are “Mentally Ill” and hustling them into Psychiatry Wards & Mental Institutions, forcing them to take brain-damaging drugs, and refusing basic medical healthcare–based on their ignorance of Mil/Intel High-Tech Crimes today, their blind indoctrination by collusive mainstream media, and their own lacking medical education, or by way of their avarice and avid complicity–in essence, re-victimizing already traumatized and terrorized victims who need caring physical healthcare, not mental–must be addressed.

Law Enforcement — despite being fully aware of ongoing National Institute of Justice advanced-technology testing, US Defense and Air Force and NATO microwave/milliwave/other weapons-testing & Directed Energy Bio Behavioral Research, military-academic social engineering and Psychological Operations–is still trained to run community mental health interventions or 5150/302/Baker Act Mental Health Involuntary Holds on anyone complaining of DEW harassment, Neurotechnology harassment, or other harassment from neighbors or satellites and celltowers: this is entrenched perfidy, enabling the crimes of torture of citizens with Remote Human Access weapons and must be stopped.

A plan to deal with the sudden influx of new patients after the Durham Report is released might be a good idea for the medical and psychiatric communities. Because currently, a trip through the system as a victim of surveillance abuse is a human rights nightmare, and it’s time for it to stop.

A list of current relevant laws in the US can be found here.

The Targeted Individual community has proposed a 10-Step Checklist for suspected victims of this program:

10-Step Checklist for all Law Enforcement, Doctors, Psychiatrists, Psychologists 

This checklist should be provided to the above, plus EMS personnel, nurses, hospital staff, technicians, administrators, and all medical staff.

In conjunction with this checklist, a badge of Citizens Rescuing Citizens 

from Surveillance and “National Security” State Abuse should be presented.

Defense, Security, and Intelligence Agents send warnings to doctors and psychiatrists, stating the reporting victim is under a “National Security” protocol and demand the withholding of all services and help. They also state that the reporting victim is “mentally unstable” and is under surveillance.

The victim is also subject to:

covert RFID implants • EMF/neurotech assaults • DEW testing/operator training • psychological warfare/operations • blacklisting and character assassination • continuous organized stalking • slander/community persecution • sabotage of career and life

These extreme human rights violations must be stopped. Victims are often subject to attacks from military-grade EMF and neurological weapons. Pulsed microwaves are being shot at people's faces, throats, heads, lungs, hearts, and genitals. Respiratory infections and heart attacks are being induced. 

They are targeting people’s brains in an experiment to alter behaviors. This is happening worldwide.

Many sectors are involved in this systematic abuse; it is designed to encompass every aspect of a victim’s life. Adding to the confusion, victims are also labeled “mentally unstable” by the medical establishment. A clean-up of 21st-century non-consensual weapons testing/MK (mind control) experimentation and military/intelligence/contractor crime is beginning.

EMF/neurotech crime reports by victims of covert tracking may include implants, microwave/directed energy weapons, invasive brain technology assaults, anti-personnel electromagnetic technology assaults, organized stalking and harassment/community surveillance.


Dr. Katherine Horton has an important court case coming up, which the mainstream will avoid like the plague. She has compiled some interesting information, and is actively seeking surveys in an attempt to gather worldwide data on this epidemic.