Samuel Ludwick

My name is Samuel Robert Ludwick. My education includes an Associate of Science Degree in Architectural Design and Construction Technology (4.0 GPA), an Associate of Arts Degree in General Education (3.7 GPA). I also completed three years of a Bachelor of Science Degree in Construction Engineering. I had to stop going to school in 2001 due to trying to work, go to school, deal with my mother’s passing, being gang stalked, and suffering from “Electronic Intrusion."

I began my career in Architecture, Engineering, and Construction Management at Miami International Airport as an Architectural Designer, Draftsman, and Construction Manager. In order to do the construction inspections at the airport, I had to obtain confidential clearance from the FBI, the USPS, and the Dade County Aviation Department. I managed secret construction projects at the airport for the security sections located under the airport, to install security devices on the doors, to complete the layout of the facility to update the restrooms for disability access in accordance with 1995 building codes implemented after Hurricane Andrew. We also completed a project for the US Post Office, also located under the airport, to inspect for bomb making materials, drugs, and any other criminal substances. I have also worked as a Senior Engineering Technician for an engineering firm in Ft. Lauderdale, FL; a Construction Manager for various construction companies, and an Instructor for two technical colleges. While working and going to school, I received my General Contractors License and was Principal of my own design/build company, and went into partnership with a real estate broker who was a family friend, and had known since I was a child. 

I have done substantial volunteer work for several organizations including Broward County Health and Human Services as an Assistant Instructor for the TRY Center for at risk youth, Transition Incorporated as a volunteer at Turner Guilford Knight Prison to help inmates find food, clothing, shelter, and employment upon release to reduce the recidivism rate, Habitat for Humanity, and design and construction projects for Christ the Rock Community Church. I was also Vice President of the Associated General Contractors of America to help rebuild homes for disadvantaged families after hurricane Andrew.

I have donated to several charities including UNICEF, The International Fellowship of Christians and Jews, The American Federation of Police, The Florida Sheriff’s Department, PACTS International, Targeted Justice, The International Tribunal for Natural Justice, The American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals, and many others.

I am being victimized by electronic intrusion through remote neural monitoring (RNM), and remote influence of my central nervous system (brain and spinal cord), and peripheral nervous systems (somatic and autonomic). This causes involuntary body and brain processes from wireless neural EMF signals directed towards unlawful implanted nanobiotechnology (mesogens). These frequencies are trafficked to other people and organizations for remote influence and RNM for their licentious and sadistic pleasure. They are also covertly experimenting and implementing control technology for human trafficking and sexual abuse. The patents for this technology go back to the early 1970’s and can be easily researched on the US Patent website. The intent is remote human torture and sexual abuse. This attracts the most abominable species of individuals on the planet. The victim is a plaything to their electronic captives, the same way a child is a plaything to the sick pedophile in child sex slavery. 

The electronic intrusion that accompanies organized stalking is also known as covert electronic intrusion or harassment, and the perpetrator uses remote influence as assault and battery in their menu of depraved sick crimes. These people are the most loathsome cowards that have ever existed in God’s creation on the face of this planet. Their only purpose is for wickedness and evil. Their assailment is always covertly effectuated. Many of these criminal organizations have successfully destroyed their targets, called Targeted Individuals (TI’s). TI’s are isolated from family and friends, suffer financial ruin, utter chaos in their lives, and deliberate confusion of their thought processes. I consider myself a victim of terrorism, and these terrorists are the most horrifying terrorists in society. But now the tables are starting to turn through the legal process, public announcements, and public awareness. These terrorists will be exposed worldwide as the predatory psychopaths and reprehensible mentally decayed rabble which they are. There are many names for, and programs for, these crimes. 

The electromagnetic frequencies coming into my head, torso, and extremities are associated with organizations, schools, colleges, and universities discovered in an Investigation by Melinda Kidder, Private Investigator, and Dr. Hildegarde Staninger, Industrial Toxicologist. Both are highly respected professionals in their fields.

Dr. Hildegarde Staninger, who has many clients in Europe, has stated that the same organizations and companies doing this to me are also doing this to citizens all over the world.

I have eleven different frequencies coming into me:

WND218 – Spectrum Holdings Inc. (owned by Allegro Capital Investors LLC), and Tulane University of Louisiana are both sending the same frequency into my body. Crescent City is in the area that Spectrum Holdings is licensed by the FCC to transmit (1.000008087). They are using the frequencies outside their area, and illegal frequencies unlicensed by the FCC. Dr. Staninger introduced me to an attorney, who wrote letters to the FCC on the frequencies coming into me, and areas of Port Richey, to no avail.

WND207 – Nicholls State University

WND242 – Dallas-Fort Worth Hospital

WFD423 – Indiana (Ball State) University

WHR624 – University of Utah. 

WHR854 – California State University

WNC908 – Colorado State University

WNC980 – Independent Spectrum Sarasota, LLC

2 signals have no FCC License:

4827.448 MHz, which is a frequency assigned to a “kernel” in which Wright State University is involved, as well as IBM Cloud, and Northrup Grumen/NEC, which is the core component of an operating system, and designed for real time wideband signal detection. Through the materials used, it will narrow it down to WSU or IBM. 

38.05 Mhz is the second frequency with no license coming into me. 

The Spectrum Analyzer has detected that they are being sent into the nanotechnology (mesogens) in my body at frequencies as high as 6 GHz, with decibels as high as -118, which at the time seemed mild compared to what I feel most of the time, which is extremely high and can be considered attempted murder.

I have substantial medical records, doctors reports, hospital reports, and medical imaging - MRI’s, MRA’s, bone scans of my entire body including my spine, central nervous system, and brain showing severe injury. I also have eyewitness testimony to violent physical manipulation of my head, torso, extremities, eyes, and jaw, as well as eyewitness testimony of sleep deprivation. All physical manifestations are through the manipulation of my central and peripheral nervous systems by the electromagnetic signals being sent to the nanotechnology (mesogens) throughout my entire body. As a result, I have incurred substantial severe injuries to my spine (crippling my torso, head, and extremities), damage to central (brain, spinal cord) and peripheral (somatic, autonomic) nervous systems. There is damage to my brain – cerebral vascular disorders - aneurism, cerebral hemorrhage, thrombosis, and deterioration of white matter; rhegmatogenous of the eyes (detached retina), and Morgellons Disease from the mesogens placed throughout my torso, head, and extremities. Also on the menu are heart, lung, and organ problems. All of these are documented.

Dr. Staninger will be doing toxicological examinations to determine additional injuries, and provide further evidence. The report in evidence by Melinda Kidder can show the exact placement of the groupings of the nano-technology (mesogens), as well as the numerical frequency numbers, signal strength, body temperatures throughout my torso, head, and extremities, the UV Lighting of my eyes showing molecular nano-technology (mesogens), and black spidery lines throughout my upper extremities. All of this constitutes attempted premeditated murder, torture, and possibly murder considering I will die prematurely from this. There is no cure. There is no way to extract the molecular nano-technology (mesogens) from my body. The United States is committing treason, as they are attacking a disabled American. They murdered my common-law wife and my dog. They are attacking millions of people globally. There are dozens of other charges that can be brought against these terrorists.

The beginning: 1999–2000, North Miami Beach, FL

I was living in the home I was born and raised in to help my terminally ill mother. It was also close to the school I was attending. My wife and I began having problems with neighbors - hearing footsteps outside the bedroom window, break-ins into our home and vehicles, personal items being stolen, cars with dark tinted windows parked in the corner of the yard. I developed unusual health problems - eyes, excessive lumbar and cervical spine pain. My legs and stomach were also affected, and I acquired Morgellons. 

One morning I woke up to go to work and there was a severe stinging sensation in the back of my neck at the location where the brain meets the spinal cord (CNS), which I thought was an insect bite. The back door to the utility room was wide open. I thought this was strange, but I had no idea what was about to transpire. I later found that this gang stalking - they inject you with the implanted nanotech, make you sound paranoid schizophrenic if you attempt to seek help from the hospital or the police, and assassinate your character through lies to your friends, neighbors, and family. 

These attacks started happening after a forced traffic collision by a perpetrator. I-95 was shut down and I had been sitting in traffic waiting to get off the highway for over an hour. In my rear view mirror, I saw a car cutting into the line again and again, trying to get in front of the line at the exit. He deliberately used his car against my pick-up truck to push me out of the way. When I looked over at him, he laughed and shrugged his shoulders. As he got in front of my truck, I hit his rear bumper. We had to wait at least an hour to get to the end of the exit. I knew my truck didn’t have any damage, so I let him go. We both drove through the light and away from the scene and I went home. A couple hours later, the Florida Highway Patrol knocked on my door and started harassing me, took me over to my truck to look for damage - there was none - although he stated there was. He then placed handcuffs on me which were too tight and cut off my circulation. He never read me my Miranda rights, took me to Dade County Jail, booked me, and I stayed there several hours until my wife came to the holding facility with bail money.

The judge in this case charged me with reckless driving, I had to pay the other driver $1,000 in restitution and he expunged the record due to the ridiculous claims of the perpetrator, the fact that I was going to college, and that I had a perfectly clean police record. 

Evidently, they erased all records of anything happening in the case, or anyone being involved. In the background checks I did on myself, that case is nowhere to be found. Our residence in Fort Pierce, where my wife and I moved to after we left North Miami Beach, was also erased from my records. 

One day, I heard someone tampering with the water system under my bedroom window. They ran away after seeing me. My wife was being abused by my neighbor, as well as her brother, who was staying with us while he sub-contracted for me. The neighbor and her husband threatened us with violence, and to shoot me for no reason at all. 

Around this time, I started feeling what felt like very mild electricity going through me. It felt like a continuous electrical current as if from a 115-220 volt electrical outlet. It never stopped - I felt it 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. It only varied in intensity, depending on the electromagnetics.

My eyes were also being forcibly redirected, averted to look at people in ways you normally would not. They were controlling my optic nerves through the EMF signals coming into the mesogens that had infiltrated my body. All motion, emotion, thought, and even words are forced through EMF’s interacting with the mesogens, which can manipulate the central and peripheral nervous systems, as well as the brain. It basically pulls on the nerves like a magnet pulls on metal.

While I was silently praying one day on the way to school, I actually heard a voice answer in my head. I pray often, and the Lord always comforts me. In the beginning, they were using RNM, subtle thoughts - they had not started their V2K, BCI (Brain to Computer Interface), or AI programs yet. The bio-nanotechnology had not been implanted yet.

What the Military Industrial/Intelligence Complex did not know at the time is that everyone who prays to our Lord knows that He answers through our hearts in a “still, small voice” (1 Kings 19:12) and through his word (Romans 10:17), which cannot be heard audibly - He answers through His Spirit. 

The agencies, organizations, and scientists that started using bio-nanotechnology do not realize the brain is both physical and spiritual, as was just written up in a scientific journal. As Christians, we always knew that, because it is described in the Word of God.

When I heard a subtle voice literally answering me, I did as Abraham did in Genesis 18, and asked several times inquiring of the voice, and outwitted the remote neural monitor trying to deceive me with the CIA’s “Voice of God” program. From then on, I knew it was some type of technology.

The Voice of God program was developed by the CIA in the MK Ultra program. Former agent Robert Duncan and many other authors speak of this program, and many, many other programs which were about to be used against my wife and I.

In 2006, due to the stress of the gang stalking, the gun violence in the neighborhood, and my neighbor threatening to shoot us, my wife developed kidney failure from the stress and the nanotech (mesogens) placed in our water system.

She was type 1 diabetic and went into low and high blood sugar comas often, and the stress placed on her body by the mesogens and the neighbors was too much. She was placed on dialysis, and her health was failing rapidly because of these terrorists. I had to get her out of that neighborhood. 

Fort Pierce, FL

We moved to Fort Pierce to work with a client, Mac, who had also been a family acquaintance since 1967. I was designing his office building. I had discussed my problems with Mac before moving to Fort Pierce, and he came up with the idea of starting a corporation to complete his office building. Shortly after moving in, the gang stalking started up again. The Highway Patrol moved into my apartment building. I heard my neighbor constantly lying to the officers, saying I was doing drugs. Officers were having dogs search around my car and apartment, and of course never found any drugs, or approached me in any way to accuse me of drugs or anything else. 

This is the reason they have concealed my records of this address in Fort Pierce, and the criminal case involving the Florida Highway Patrol. I found out later that things like this are typical gang stalking tactics used by neighbors and rogue police officers. 

I heard noises in the air conditioning ducts for weeks, and finally investigated the cause. I found that the next-door neighbor was watching us through a plumbing camera in the ductwork. He worked for a plumbing company, and the camera system was advertised on his truck for finding plumbing problems in pipes.

I caught his wife making a comment about me when I was in my bathroom. The next day, I went outside and the FHP officers surrounded her when they saw me, because she said very loudly that I was going to shoot her. I have never been charged with any violence whatsoever. 

The purpose of the camera was to watch me in order to set me up for further implantation and frequency signals, as well as character assassination. These are typical tactics all gang stalkers use, as evidence from thousands of whistle-blowers and others have attested to.

There was an older gentleman always going up stairs to the apartment above me where the work was going on to install the voyeurism equipment. I also saw him talking to Mac several times in his office, where I also worked occasionally. He was a subcontractor, (gang stalker) for IBM (Cloud). I saw him several times at Mac’s real estate office. I am not sure whether my Mac was involved, or if they were just keeping him informed, lying to him about me…typical character assassination that all TI’s suffer from. Mac was very prominent in the community.

They were also building a system upstairs from our apartment to start full electronic intrusion. I knew something was wrong, and left Fort Pierce, which upset the gentleman handler. He was outside looking very angry as we were loading our furniture in the truck. It is expensive to set up equipment to implant the bio-nanotech, and to send the frequencies to group the nanotech into a transmitter and a receiver. I was very worried about my wife’s health. 

2007: Hawthorne (Putnam County), FL

Due to the gang stalking and harassment, my wife and I moved again, renting a house from my brother, who was managing the family’s motel and RV park. Shortly after moving to Hawthorne, the gang stalking started again. I saw someone standing behind the garage daily, watching me. I also saw the neighbor from Fort Pierce next door with several other men, watching me constantly. 

The water pump stopped working. The repairman said that someone had left the cap to the tank too loose and the pump burnt out. Of course, later I found out they put mesogens in the water tank.

I saw the same vehicle that had followed me in Crescent City parked in front of our house outside the fence several times. The next-door neighbor threw a 2x4 piece of lumber at the window in the dining room and broke it. Someone broke into our home and stole money and personal items. Two men tried to break into my bedroom window. I happened to be home at the time and caught them. My wife wanted me to call the police. I did, and the one who tried to break into my house was arrested. 

The feeling of electricity started to course through my body more often, mostly in my legs. Since I was diagnosed with spinal problems due to electromagnetic radiation from satellite, cell towers, and hand held directed energy weapons, as well as bio-nanotech, I went to the hospital. They gave me steroids to relieve the swelling, which was ineffective. My spine got so bad that I had to file for disability, and my primary care physician concurred. 

Dr. Hildegarde Staninger is doing an analysis right now to confirm that the bio-nanotechnology is responsible for deteriorating the disc material between the vertebrae in my spine, which causes the nerves to be crushed. This causes intense pain, paralysis, and the deterioration of my central and peripheral nervous systems. My entire spine is severely painful, but the majority of the damage is in my lumbar and cervical spine.

My wife was complaining of the same thing, saying she felt vibrations in her body. I thought it might be from her poor health due to her diabetes or kidneys. I did not know what electronic intrusion, electronic harassment, or satellite terrorism was yet, and had never heard of gang stalking. Our Papillion puppy, who was basically our child for 12+ years, began falling down for no apparent reason - he was getting hit with EMF’s too. 

My wife started having severe pain in her spine also. I took her to the hospital in Ocala three times, but they would not do anything about it. Eventually it got to where she had problems getting out of bed, so I would help her up in order to get to the bathroom or the kitchen. Her doctor referred her to the same hospital and made sure she had an MRI. They found a cyst in her spine caused by the mesogens. They operated, and it paralyzed her completely. I visited her every other day and the hospital was not taking care of her properly. I constantly complained. 

While she was in the hospital recovering, our Papillion started screaming. I took him to the veterinarian and asked for MRIs. They found that he was having problems with his spine also. The only thing they could do was to give him pain medication. The next day he was still screaming, unable to sleep, eat, or use the bathroom. I could not watch him in so much pain, so I took him back and had him put to sleep. My wife took the news extremely hard. After a month in recovery, the doctor at the hospital, and her primary care physician, recommended that she go to a rehabilitation hospital in Gainesville. 

The rehab hospital did not take care of her properly. When I sat with her, she would sometimes act strange, like I do now, due to electronic intrusion. They were supposedly treating her for an infection from a hole in her spine caused by a skin ulcer which the hospital in Ocala had caused due to improper care.

I thought it was because of this infection at the time, but she was acting as if someone was torturing her. She said she had overheard the nurses talking, saying they were going to kill her. She wanted to go home, but the ulcer was the size of a softball, and I knew they had to treat the wound there, since her immune system was compromised.

One day when I went to visit her about a month later, she was in a hemo-dialysis room for her kidneys. She was trying to tell me with a look of pure terror in her eyes what was going on. I saw that she was paralyzed completely. She could not move her entire body, no facial expressions, no movement at all. I told her I would get help. I went to the hospital director’s office, and told him of the situation. He told me a doctor would examine her to find out what the problem was. 

I heard them call stat to the dialysis center and ask what the problem was. Of course, they did not answer at the time.

When the doctor who had examined her called me, he lied and said they ‘accidentally’ connected her feeding tube to her dialysis tube. Her primary nephrologist told me that it was done deliberately. The feeding tube goes through the nose and does not connect to any other tube. Someone had murdered her purposely, to hide the evidence of them damaging her spine. I called an attorney and they told me that since I was her common-law husband, I could not sue the hospitals, and her daughter and family did not want to sue because they lived so far away.

2012: Hawthorne (Alachua County), FL

After the hospital murdered my wife and my puppy, I moved to our family's property in Hawthorne. The gang stalking, electronic harassment, and satellite terrorism continued. The electricity from the electromagnetic radiation started getting worse. I thought there was a problem with the electricity in the mobile home I was in. It is like I am being electrocuted 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Nikola Tesla invented electromagnetic electricity and offered it to our government in lieu of the wired electricity we use today. Due to greed, the government chose wired electricity. The voltage and amperage is the same for electromagnetic electricity as it is for AC/DC electricity, depending on the signal strength of the frequency.

I would hear noises on the roof which at the time I thought was raccoons, rodents, etc. Again, I woke up one morning with a severe pain in the back of my neck, and a needle mark there. The front door was unlocked. I never left any doors unlocked, as Hawthorne is not a safe place to live. I heard the gang stalkers ask my brother to do something while I was in the next room - they didn’t know I was there. They are habitual liars, pure evil. Fortunately, my brother said he would not do that to me.

My brother started to have problems after that, and was attacked by a man that hit him from behind with a 2x4. The hotel and RV park started to have problems due to an extremely large water bill. We called out professionals to look for leaks, but they couldn’t find where the water was going to. The hotel was getting broken into on a regular basis, and they were stealing the quarters from the washers and dryers in the laundry room. They made sure we could not sustain the business. We went to a city council meeting for assistance, to no avail. 

My brother and I moved to Silver Lake in Putnam County. I lived in a trailer behind his house, and he lived with his daughter and boyfriend. They took advantage of this and started hitting me with more electromagnetic radiation than ever before. I thought there was something wrong with the electricity in the trailer again.

The gang stalking continued. They broke into my trailer on a regular basis, stealing personal items. They injected me with nano-technology again while I was sleeping, as well as placing it in my water system. They dropped the front of the trailer so that it leaned forward. After we sold the motel and RV park, I bought a mobile home in Crescent City.

2013: Crescent City, FL

Shortly after I moved into #10 Crescent City Mobile Home Park, my computer was being hacked. Files were being manipulated, they started sending messages to me on the desktop. Again, someone broke in and injected me with nanotech, and I heard someone outside one day working on the water pipes, which means it was again placed in my water system. By the time I got outside they were gone. 

I began having trouble sleeping. They started talking to me again while I was praying at night before I went to sleep. I broke out with a severe case of Morgellons disease again, which I thought was eczema due to the stress of losing my wife and puppy. Eventually, I started feeling the electromagnetic radiation coursing through my body again, and suffered from sleep deprivation. 

After living there for about 2 years, the manager, Joe, asked if I would like to sell my mobile home to the gentleman and his wife in #16. I told him no, but he persisted. I priced my mobile home way above market value to dissuade them from wanting to purchase it. 

About a month later, the owner of #16 approached me and accepted the price I quoted. I went and looked his place, and decided to help him and his wife out - they needed a place larger for their granddaughter. I did not realize that I was being set up for a major terrorist attack by the gang stalkers and my neighbors.

I had told the owner and Joe to do a background check on me, since I knew the slander would continue. I also told them not to believe anyone who approached them concerning me because they have lied to my neighbors before. Character assassination is typical, as can be attested by all victims in these cases.  Thousands of professionals, researchers, and whistle blowers are targeted by this terrorism.

Shortly after I moved into #16, I put a padlock on the sliding glass door so I could lock it. Soon after, someone took that lock off and put another lock on, so I could not get into that door. My mobile home and car were broken into, and vandals were constantly stealing and breaking things. Again, I woke up with a puncture mark in the back of my neck and the door left open. I discovered a crack in the ceiling the width of my mobile home after Joe asked to get on my roof to check its configuration for another mobile home. 

Around this time, I went to my primary care physician and told him that I had been feeling ill. During the exam, he found that I had lost over 40 pounds in four months due to the EMR. 

After that, I began being physically attacked with handheld, and satellite directed energy weapons. As of today, I have lost a total of about 100 pounds.

It took over 20 years to complete their task of implantation, using the frequencies to move the bio-nanotech to the locations required to attack my brain, central and peripheral nervous systems. The same tactics were used in all five cities I lived in since my targeting began. That just means I have many witnesses to subpoena to court - law enforcement officers, pharmacists, doctors, and neighbors will be going to prison for gang stalking, attempted murder, torture, etc.

My spine doctor said they had told him that if I filled my prescription they would put me away. He did not say who “they” were. They probably told him to say that to scare me, since it was a controlled substance. When I called my brother and told him what they were doing, he said they cannot keep me from filling prescribed medications. They also wanted to weaken me from not taking my medications as directed, because they were attempting to murder me. They are all cowardly punks, and are unable to face a five year old in battle, must less a grown man.

A while later, my plumbing was vandalized. I heard them cutting a root outside my mobile home. I overheard one of my neighbors (Bear) say it was due to gossip and rumors about me. The plumber found a root in my drainage system - with duct tape holding it in place. It cost me $550 to repair. 

I had heard the gossip and slander about me from conversations between neighbors, although I was a very quiet neighbor. The new manager, Kathy, constantly called me crazy, trying to get me upset so I would move. Several people treated me with contempt for reasons I did not know. 

My neighbors from #20, Bear, and Kathy, stood outside and played as if they were going to shoot me. I ignored the act and waved to them. 

A neighbor knocked on my door one day (which he or anybody else in the park never did), and said he just wanted to talk. I saw his roommate out of the corner of my eye watching something going on behind my mobile home. He motioned to the gentleman talking to me that everything was ok, and the conversation stopped right there. I was being distracted while they were putting a device on my water system. 

The next day, Kathy left a notice on my door stating that the water department had put devices on the water systems to measure the amount of water used. I went outside and looked at the device and it was a large plastic device feeding into my water. 



One night I heard people outside my mobile home threatening my life and telling me to leave. I called my step daughter immediately and told her if I did not contact her in the morning to call law enforcement in case they had murdered me. They continued telling me they were going to kill me if I did not leave my home. I did not have much of a choice, so I told them to go ahead and shoot. 

They covered my front window was covered with a picture screen of police officers pointing guns at my mobile home. After several minutes, the officers did not move, and I realized it was a set-up. I saw them removing the picture screen the next morning. At night, there were sounds of saws trying to saw their way through my mobile home and sounds of them trying to break into my sliding glass door and windows. I found out later that this was because they were using technology like shotgun microphones. They were trying to force me out of my mobile home with electromagnetic devices, directed energy weapons, sound casting devices, etc.

My skin was burning in certain areas, and an immense amount of electricity was coursing through my body. I looked out my window the next morning and saw electromagnetic, and possibly microwave devices all around my home, antennas, wiring, and various unusual devices. 


I took pictures, but they were erased. I tried to turn off bluetooth to record, to no avail - they had changed my password. As I am disabled, I held up a sign with the letters ADA (American Disabilities Act). A short time later I heard a gentleman telling them to take down the devices on Sunday night, as I would not be able to call the ADA until Monday morning. 

On Monday morning, I heard Kathy telling me to come outside. I looked out and did not see her. She continued to tell me to come outside. When she finally showed herself, I went out to see what she wanted. Her and a police officer were standing there. When I went up to talk to them, the police officer grabbed for my arm and went to pull his gun. I was unarmed and calm. I practiced meditation and martial arts when I was younger, so not much scares me or causes much stress. I turned around slowly and walked into my house. I told them all they want is to take away my home. She called me outside again telling me the police officers were gone. She told me she wanted me to see the paramedics after what they did to me, which shows she set me up. So, I went outside and let the paramedics examine me in the back of the truck. They told me I was physically and psychologically fine, and and quickly gave me an injection which they said was to help me relax, but I suspect was just more mesogens. The rogue paramedics and police knew all about the gang stalking and electronic intrusion. 

That night, they were hacking into my computer, and using the speakers to create various sounds and voices, as well as creating characters on my computer. There had been several instances of hacking in the past. They continued telling me to leave my home, so I packed my things to go. I heard audible voices that evening which sounded like Kathy, Glorie the owner, and the Chief of Police. The next morning, I went to Winn-Dixie to refill my medication, and discovered my debit card did not work. I told the pharmacist they were chasing me out of my home, and the pharmacist and pharmacy technician told me they already knew about what they were doing to me, which tells me they were lying to the entire town to assassinate my character. 

I was outside checking the damage on my mobile home and Kathy was following me around. As I was checking the sliding glass door, I noticed they had replaced their padlock with the padlock I had originally put on. I saw Kathy point this out to the neighbors across the street from me. I got my key and checked my lock to make sure it worked. Later, Kathy and Bear came to my porch and asked me what was wrong, as if they already knew about it. I told them I wasn't feeling well. Kathy said, “that's EDOM.” During my research, I found that EDOM is “Electronic Dissolution of Memory,” electronic terrorism. EDOM-RHIC is defined in Robert Duncan’s publication and many others. 

Kathy continued to call me crazy and told me I was incapable of taking care of myself, when I was doing fine. This is typical of organized gang stalking, to discredit the targeted individual to get them to kill themselves or be diagnosed as delusional/paranoid/schizophrenic. I packed my things and was sitting outside when I heard Glorie tell Kathy that she didn’t know what to put on my eviction notice. Kathy told her to wait until I moved, and she would deal with it. I am disabled, and it is illegal for them to force me out. 

I packed my vehicle and left, thinking that would be the end of it, since I had done what they wanted. As I was driving out of town, I heard people talking over a two-way radio, telling someone to follow me and to pull me over before I reached the city limits. I looked behind me and there was a lady in a red pick-up truck. I heard them state later that the talking I heard was from spyware that was put in my car. I did not let them know I could hear them through their own spy device. 

The lady in the pickup said, “Chief, I am unable to pull him over because he is driving the speed limit.” I continued on my way until an SUV pulled alongside of me and motioned for me to pull over at a laundromat on Route 17 in Volusia County. I pulled over and sat there. I was in immense pain from packing and moving. I called my stepdaughter while I was sitting there. I heard two people talking over my speaker (vibrations). I also heard someone talking behind the fence next to the laundromat and could see him through the fence. I looked behind me and saw the red pickup that had been following me in the empty lot across the street. They were conversing concerning me. I heard them call each other “lieutenant” and “chief.” As I was talking to my stepdaughter, I related exactly what they were talking about. They were listening to my conversation, and once they realized that I was able to hear them, they got quiet. 

A few minutes later, a Volusia County Sheriff’s car pulled behind me. They walked to my car and told me to get out, which I did. They searched me and asked why I was parked there. I told them I was leaving Crescent City but did not have the money to get to my stepdaughter in Miami because someone had changed the password on my bank account by hacking into my computer. They told me to go to Crescent City PD and report it. The police department told me to go to the bank and get a statement. I went to the ATM first to double check my account and was still locked out. I went inside and withdrew all my funds after showing them my ATM card. 

I went back to the police station, and they had locked their doors - probably because the perpetrators had discussed this with them. After I left town, I disconnected the cell phone by pulling the SIM card and I heard them say on the spyware that they lost my signal. The “chief” told them to follow me.

I stayed at several hotels over the next three weeks. I was continuously followed and harassed. At one of the hotels, I woke up with a red area around a puncture mark. It eventually got infected and I ended up at Hollywood Memorial Hospital, where I received IV antibiotics. I told them I was homeless because I had been forced out of my home, and they referred me to an independent living facility. 

2016: Miramar, FL

I lived at the independent living facility for two months, and it all started again. While running errands one day, a Spanish gentleman deliberately hit my car extremely hard, destroying my right quarter panel. He looked like the same person who had hit me in North Miami Beach several years prior. He called the police, and since it was caught on a traffic camera, they charged him, and told me to leave. In the accident report, the officer in charge put a fictitious insurance company down for me. For what reason I do not know. Other cars were hit in the accident also. As of February 2019, neither accident, charges, or court appearances appeared on two separate background searches of myself. I even went further and searched all the court records and did a National Security search on myself to no avail. No accidents, and no tickets for the incidents involving this gentleman or police officers involved. 

The searches just revealed that I have no criminal background whatsoever. I was a Boy Scout from the time I was a child to the time I was a teenager. I have no criminal record, and no offenses. So why the attacks by the government? 

At the independent living facility I was placed in by the hospital, I heard the same people that were outside my bedroom in Crescent City using V2K. They were using voices they called the “Chief of Police,” “Lieutenant,” etc. The neighbors were pounding on garbage cans outside my window when I went to bed. On the 4th of July they shot a gun off 15 times right outside my window to see if I would be affected. I was a NRA Firearms Instructor, and a competition shooter in the Boy Scouts, so I know the sound of a firearm verses the sound of fireworks. They said they were trying to rattle me. Evidently, they wanted me stressed out. 

The next-door neighbors seemed to be involved also because I heard and saw them discussing my situation several times. Gang stalkers typically get the neighbors involved through character assassination. One time I heard the neighbors discussing with the air conditioner repair men the fact that my mind was being read. The “Chief of Police” V2K started repeating my prayers to me one night, and said that my mind was being read - he could see all five senses on the computer, and they would continue doing this for the “rest of my life.” 

I heard continuous voices which seemed to be coming from speakers, as well as the V2K. They started the electrical attack again from directed energy weapons (DEWs), electromagnetic pulse weapons (EMPs), and microwave wave weapons. One night they nearly murdered me because they were hitting me so hard in my head and chest, trying to get my heart to stop and damage my brain. The pain and torture from the DEWs, microwave weapons, and the nanotech implants throughout my body is so painful that it is impossible to describe. They have caused severe and extreme damage to my brain, central and peripheral nervous systems, my spine, and throughout my torso and extremities, as my MRAs, MRIs, and medical reports attest to. 

One day I was in the waiting room at my doctor’s office, the V2K started talking to me. A Jamaican gentleman with an earpiece sitting near me was being told by his handler on his IPhone to do stupid things like scratch his nose, cross his legs, stretch his arms, etc. He made sure I saw the screen of his IPhone so I would know he was receiving instructions. An older gentleman across the room started doing the same thing.

This was done to let me know that I was being watched, for what reason I do not know, as I have committed no crime. The gentleman went into the rear exit door to talk to someone in the doctor’s office and then came out. I assume he had talked to my doctor because I received injections in my spine that day, and it was the most painful experience of my life. It should not have been that painful. They did not wait for the anesthetic to work before they injected me. 

Another day the V2K started telling me to get out of the house and not to take anything with me. They were subjecting me to an intense amount of electricity, through DEWs. I was unable to stand the immense pain and packed up my most valuable possessions and left, just as in Crescent City. The landlady’s sister, who is a military psychiatrist, was parked in the yard watching me pack up my car and told me to lock the door through the V2K. I did not want my landlady at the independent living facility involved with all of this as she was 78 years old and a very kind lady. Her sister is substantially younger. I was continuously hit with massive amounts of electricity as I stayed at several hotels, and the V2K harassment continued. I was out of money at this point, and my health was deteriorating rapidly. I called my brother and told him I was homeless and needed help, just as I had called him from Crescent City when this first started. At that time, I was down to 160 pounds and had lost as much as 100 pounds from the nanotech, the implanted mesogens, and the EMF signals were making me extremely ill, almost to the point of death.

“Global  Brain Chips and Mesogens – Nano Machines for Ultimate Control of False Memories” by Dr. Hildegarde Staninger is a great resource. 

Bio-nanotechnology is a nano structure that uses chemicals and piezoelectrical metallic materials, which have a “brain” that can interface with computers. The materials they are made from can be gel, particle, tube, claw, hook, fibre, or even wire – but all exist under the penumbra of NANO – molecular in size. These convert ultra-high frequency sound waves into electrical signals and vice versa. Radio frequencies group them in the location required in 13 molecular components to create a transmitter and receiver to use them for mind-control, torture, and to slowly murder a person. Scientists are utilizing them for several things, but in TIs it is torture and genocide. Bio-nanotech is failing when it comes to BCI (Brain to Computer Interface), WBAN (Whole Body Area Network), MBAN (Medical Body Area Network), and BAN (Body Area Network) because of the chemical used to create it, and the electromagnetics used to communicate with it will destroy the human body. Volunteering to use it for info tech, medical network, or any other uses is suicide. In my case, the medical records indicate that this technology has destroyed my spine, nervous systems, brain and eyes, and has also caused several diseases.


I am currently staying with my brother and sister-in-law. The electricity continues to course through my body. They have more control of my central nervous system now, and they continue to cause my head, neck, and extremities to move sharply and painfully, causing severe damage. I went without sleep for over a month due to continued attacks from these weapons of mass destruction. I was having painful cramps in my feet and legs. I did not know exactly what was happening to me, although I knew I was being stalked utilizing some type of technology. 

They are continuing the assault on me with RF signals that are causing electromagnetic ionic radiation to course through my body. The V2K is still continuous. My spine is more painful than it has ever been. My headaches are also extremely painful. I see an orthopedic pain manager for my spine, as well as a neurosurgeon and a neurologist for my brain. They cannot help much, and the pain is extremely overwhelming.

My brother told me about organized gang stalking and microchip implants after heard about it on the radio show Coast to Coast with Derrick Robinson. I started doing extensive research on the subject and have seen several doctors. They have done MRIs, bone scans, x-rays, and an MRA. The neurologist found a small saccular aneurism off the left lateral distal basilar artery, and an anterior cerebral artery that is severely stenotic due to the EMR. They could not find a microchip, probably because they used nanotechnology, as well as computer generated brain mapping. 

The doctors do not want to deal with the cause, they just want to relieve the symptoms. This technology is largely unknown to some of the doctors I have seen, and they have threatened or paid off others. My life is being threatened by this. I am slowly dying from the ionic radiation, and am harassed with V2K from computers, AI, and computer operators, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. 

They try to get me to take my own life or hurt others, for example telling me to commit mass shootings, hit others, commit sexual acts, take overdoses of my medications, etc. They can see and hear everything around me, so they are invading the privacy of not only me, but also my family, and everybody around me.

They are attempting to cause mental anguish and psychological distress, utilizing the image of the worst aspects of the final moments of the deaths of all my loved ones, which is too terrible to discuss. 

With the V2K they speak and visualize the most perverted, depraved sexual elucidations beyond imagination, utilizing past and present people in my life - no matter who. They also use many other extremely grotesque elucidations, far beyond what a non-psychopath could possibly imagine. Fortunately, I am strong enough mentally to get through this so far, but through my research I have discovered that they are able to get people to take their own lives, and be diagnosed with psychiatric illnesses, such as psychosis, paranoia, schizophrenia, etc.

Through subtle thought manipulation, which the victim is completely unaware of, they also get people to take the lives of others. Mass shootings are becoming more frequent as they perfect this technology. These are more than likely designed to take away our Constitutional right to keep and bear arms by turning Americans against firearms. 

They control the brain and all your nervous systems, so they can control the desire for medications, hence the opioid crisis. 

My family and I have put an extreme amount of funds trying to take care of me while I go through this. My family knows me very well and knows that I am physically and mentally strong, so I have handled it to this point, and I have a high moral philosophy, so they believed the events which transpired right away, and are witnesses to the outward physical evidence of what was and is happening. I have a strong faith in my Lord, which is the main reason I have gotten through this. He has prepared me for this my entire life - through Biblical studies, and the Chinese arts. 

These traitorous terrorists have cost me my entire career, my health, my life, my wife, my puppy, and five homes. I have spent all of my funds dealing with this domestic terrorism since before the year 2000 on places to live, hotels, trying to escape, buying devices trying to stop this, professionals, attorneys, private investigators, etc.

The EM radiation is extensive and constant. My headaches are severe, and I have immense pain in my spine and extremities. MRIs show that they have crippled my cervical spine, lumbar spine, and nervous systems.

There are many different programs that the government agencies, corporations, and organized crime have put together to do inflict this kind of torture upon all societies across the globe. As part of my research, I traveled 1,000 miles to Tennessee to find out whether it was local transmissions or satellite transmissions, and discovered it is satellite transmission, as the auditory harassment did not stop or diminish at a thousand miles away. 

Many programs are continually being developed for what is being done to me - RNM, auditory harassment, V2K, RHIC-EDOM (radio hypnotic intra-cerebral control/electronic dissolution of memory), etc. Most of the V2K is spoken via artificial intelligence (an oxymoron–machines have no soul or spirit). The computers of course have operators and programmers who speak occasionally, but the computer does most of the talking. The so-called artificial intelligence has no real knowledge, because they have no understanding, or wisdom, as stated in Proverbs 1. Everything AI supposedly thinks is downloaded information, run by algorithms. 

I have US patents on this technology, federal court cases, technical research, etc., all available upon request. 

I have passed Elkman's  METT/SEIT micro and macro expression evaluation, and REID interviewing techniques to determine if I am telling the truth about all this through Columbia Investigations, Melinda Kidder, P.I. The people involved in this should be required to do the same when this is investigated for a trial in court for civil and criminal charges against them. During my research I have discovered several organizations, one is called Prevention and Detection of Electronic Harassment and Surveillance (PDEHS). They had a contact in Florida named Elvira Williams, who I called. She was recently murdered by these terrorists. Her story is available through PACTS International. I have also completed an H-SCADA - Assessment Protocols Report and an H-SCADA Bio-Energy Field Assessment. 

It should be a simple thing for a signals intelligence officer to stop or jam these frequencies coming into my body, which are slowly murdering me. I will be trying to hire legal counsel to stop these signals, and to financially reimburse my family and I for all our expenditures and any past and future medical expenses incurred, plus the enormous pain and suffering I have gone through. If I have to, I will represent myself, as the Bar Association, and the medical associations are warning attorneys and medical personnel not to discuss this. 

I have a mountain of evidence, many witnesses, and am willing to eventually hire a private investigator if needed to stop this. This will take a lot of time since I depend on Social Security Disability to live. I will be patient in my task assigned to me by a Higher Authority than any government in the world. In these last days we must endure, and suffer at the hand of wickedness, and evil, and wait for our God to respond. It needs to stop not only with me but with the millions across the globe who are being tortured by these terrorists 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, which is why I am fighting so hard - it is not only for me, but for all victims around the world. These abhorrent crimes committed against me by these psychopathic terrorists are also being committed against millions of innocent souls across our planet.

Over the Tampa area where I live, and above my brother’s house specifically, there are military jets constantly spraying chemtrails, chemicals, and I suspect nano-technology (mesogens), as the publications, and researchers have pointed out to us. There is also constant patrolling by military drones, like the Predator, which I suspect is using L3 communication devices for spying. There are also extremely small drones about 1/4 the size of a Predator drone - possibly the AT-2220, which is used for communications and spying. I have to use binoculars to see that one. The AT-2220 was running at night without lights on just as the Predator drones had, spraying specific, smaller, maybe 100-yard chemtrails over the house. This is happening all over the world. These chemtrails are outlined in Elena Freelands Book “Under an Ionized Sky: From Chemtrails to Space Fence Lockdown”. It is a must read if you want to know what is happening to us, NOW!!! Also, Robert Duncans book “Project: Soul Catcher.” Both are a must read if you are concerned about your life, and the lives of your family, and friends.

Eyewitnesses can attest to the severe physical damage to my cervical and lumbar spine, central (brain & spinal cord) and peripheral (somatic & autonomic) nervous systems, as well as severe damage to my brain (cerebral vascular disorders, brain aneurism, cerebral hemorrage, stenosis, and deterioration of white matter). Morgellons Disease is also from the mesogens that have been directed via frequencies throughout my torso, head, and extremities, heart, lung, and organ damage.

There was a program on the Travel Channel called “Legend Hunter” that stated that over 30% of Americans have complained that they might be under some kind of “mind control”. The percentage is probably much higher than that, and it’s a global problem. There was also a program on the History Channel, called “In Search Of” which spoke of this technology, the James Walbert case which was won in federal court, and the technology being used against Americans. Everyone knows about the American Diplomats in Cuba and China. We need to get the word about the rogue governments, corporations, and terrorists using control technology out to every man, woman, and child in the world, as they will not be able to give them subtle thoughts and control their thoughts unknowingly if the people are aware of it. 

This may cost me my life for saying this, but my life means nothing compared to the millions of people being affected and will be affected by this technology. I know that not everyone in the government, intelligence agencies, law enforcement, and corporations are responsible. I and many others are calling on the good hearted intelligence agents, politicians, and law enforcement agencies to use all of their contacts, resources, and God-given abilities to hunt down and bring criminal and civil charges against the Deep State, including the DOD, DARPA, DOJ, DHS, NSA, CIA, FBI, all state and local law enforcement agencies, companies contracted by them, and everyone hired by them. 

The mass of evidence for these heinous crimes against humanity includes my medical and imaging records, US patents/inventors, reports from private investigations and industrial toxicologists. Witnesses include law enforcement officers, paramedics, doctors, and pharmacists, family, coworkers, acquaintances and friends. 

There is also a plethora of evidence from military and government agency intelligence officers, law enforcement officials, well-known scientists, doctors, attorneys, diplomats, embassy workers, politicians, security personnel, neuroscientists, NASA scientists, government agency whistleblowers, et al.

Federal and US court rulings, evidence, research, patents, etc. are available on,, and through PACTS International. All evidence shows that the technology exists, and is being used against citizens of every country in the world. This evidence is indisputable, unquestionable, and uncontestable, showing that the perpetrators - defendants in this case - are guilty of these horrendous acts of electronic intrusion, attempted murder, murder, treason, and terrorism. 

I did not know for over 10 years that I was being controlled. Although I knew something was going on, I did not know what. I have faith in God, and He is the one and only thing that has gotten me through this extreme torture. Once they started the V2K, I started fighting them, but without that I would have never known what I was dealing with.

In my opinion, WBAN (Whole Body Area Network) and MBAN (Medical Body Area Network) systems should be outlawed, as well as the wireless technology that controls these systems. It systematically kills through ionic radiation, causing innumerable diseases. All nanotech, mesogens, and wireless technology needs to be strictly enforced, and an oversight committee comprised of victims of this technology needs to be assembled to invoke new legislation, and laws against them.

It would be a simple thing to obtain FOIA documents from the government agencies, contractors, and the universities and colleges involved. They are nothing but low-life terrorists who have committed the worst atrocities in the history of mankind. It needs to go from here to the Federal and Supreme Courts. If legislation and laws are not enacted against this, we will ALL become victims, and the aspirations and rapaciousness of the Deep State will be realized very soon. I know from personal experience how powerful this technology is, and so do millions of others. It has the capability to give thought, emotions, responses, physical actions, and speech without the person even being aware of it.

In their Utopia, we will think what they want us to think, do what they want us to do, speak what they want us to speak, act the way they want us to act. That is their goal!!! This absolutely needs to be stopped by any means necessary. I hate to say this because I love my country, I love the planet, and all the people in it. I have a deep love for God, and all His creation. But we need to do whatever it takes to stop this, even if it means going to war against these evildoers, whatever that may entail. It means that much to the people I love on this planet, and to all of God’s creation. 

They are attempting to destroy humanity.


In closing, the reason it is more difficult for the perpetrators (which I deem as terrorists) to control me, and others like me, is our Faith.