Trafficking Boys: The silent victims of human trafficking

5.15.19  Exploited, sold for sex, raped and abused: this is the reality for human trafficking victims. It’s an international crime spanning all ages and races. 

The Tampa Bay area ranks among the worst in the country for human trafficking.

"Jamaican Rick," man tied to human trafficking in Columbus, sentenced to 15 years in prison 

5.15.19  The Franklin County Prosecutor’s Office announced that Andrew Harris – also known as Bobby Eric Smith and “Jamaican Rick” – was sentenced to 15 years after pleading guilty to one count of human trafficking, one count of compelling prostitution and two counts of promoting prostitution.

'I'm a monster': Utah woman convicted of human trafficking faces first parole hearing

5.14.19  ”I’m a monster," she said as she got emotional during her hearing. "I've always cared so much about my pride and protecting my co-defendant’s pride. I don’t care about that no more. I am who I am and I made the choices that I made and they’re inexcusable.

"I never wanted to go that route, but I was so lost into that game. And the game was a powerful thing,” she continued. "I want to apologize to my victims. My actions were inexcusable. I betrayed them as women.”

Former Ferris High School coach indicted on sex trafficking, child porn charges

5.14.19  A former Ferris High School football coach has been indicted in federal court on charges that include child sex trafficking, online enticement of a minor and production of child pornography.

Eglet was arrested last fall, accused of meeting young women on Snapchat and having sex with them at various locations.

Vermont's First Sex-Trafficking Trial Ends in Conviction 

5.14.19  Woman after woman took the stand to describe how Brian Folks pulled them into his Burlington drug- and sex-trafficking ring. Some said he used charm. One, his primary drug runner, got a tattoo of his name. 

The trial would turn on how the jury viewed the man before them. He was either a predator who manipulated drug-addicted women or, as Folks suggested, a fixer who kept his prostitutes safe for a fair fee. 

Nine women rescued, 15 people arrested in sex trafficking sting 

5.14.19  After three previous successful stings where “johns” were targeted, Lange challenged Cianci and her unit to go further and catch the people behind the scenes and beyond the johns, he said. Cianci accepted the challenge, and the work and planning began — along with a plan to get the victims help versus arresting them and charging them with prostitution.

Pakistan, China working to end human trafficking of girls as brides 

5.13.19  Pakistan and China are working closely to resolve the issue of human trafficking of Pakistani women under the garb of marriages with Chinese nationals, Foreign Office spokesperson Dr. Muhammad Faisal said in a statement on Sunday.

Alleged victim speaks out on terrifying encounter with human trafficking suspects

5.12.19  at the time of their arrest, Tisdale was on probation in connection to a 2018 case where she was charged with attempted human trafficking of a child for sexual servitude, attempted pimping and pandering.

Thompson referred to himself as "Sire" at the hotel. Tisdale sometimes goes by “Queen."

Human trafficking victims recount tales of being forced into modern-day slavery: 'It was a living hell’

5.11.19  Kylee Gregg’s teenage years were spent drug addicted and abused – for years she was sold for sex by her neighbors.

“C,” another survivor, was bandied about the country in the back of a big rig, strung out and repeatedly raped by truckers across the nation.

Ex-group home worker gets 10 years for sex trafficking teen 

5.9.19  A former supervisor at a Rhode Island group home that contracted with the state child welfare agency has been sentenced to 10 years in prison for sex trafficking a 17-year-old girl.

Rohingya women, girls being trafficked to Malaysia for marriage

5.8.19  According to Rohingya activists and rights groups, dozens of women are now regularly arriving in Malaysia to marry Rohingya men, reviving a form of transnational human trafficking that once moved thousands of Rohingya a year.

"We travelled by land, occasionally changing cars. We started in the camp and went up to the Indian border, then we headed to Malaysia. There were three of us: another woman and a man - the trafficker," Begum told Al Jazeera. "I didn't know the trafficker, so I was scared of being harassed by them. I've heard stories before about traffickers raping women, sexually harassing them and beating people, so I was scared."

Human Trafficking bill gains traction as legislative session comes to an end

5.8.19  A bill to increase penalties for human traffickers is gaining traction through the statehouse as the legislative session comes to an end.

Senate Bill 194 would increase the penalties placed on the person charged with buying sex, which fuels the demand for sex trafficking.

Report details state laws for fighting human trafficking

5.8.19  Funded by the American Hotel and Lodging Association Educational Foundation, the report, “Unpacking Human Trafficking: A Survey of State Laws Targeting Human Trafficking in the Hospitality Industry”, gives a state-by-state assessment of signage requirements. ECPAT-USA and AHLEF also are providing material to help hotels comply with their state’s laws.

Missouri AG to crackdown on human trafficking in massage parlors

5.8.19  A Polaris study of 32,000 cases of human trafficking in 2017 found massage parlors accounted for 2,929 of those cases.  Human trafficking is often not what most people think.  Girls aren't being kidnapped.  They are coming to the United States from other countries and being forced to work at illicit massage parlors.  The raid on Jupiter, Florida massage parlors brought the issue to light when Patriot's owner Robert Kraft along with many others was charged for receiving sexual favors at the massage parlors.  The Missouri Attorney General says it is happening right here as well. 

California man admits trafficking underage girls on

5.7.19  Ariel Guizar-Cuellar, 38, entered his guilty pleas in U.S. District Court in San Jose, marking the latest criminal case connected to Backpage. The website was seized by federal agents in 2018 as part of a wide-ranging investigation into prostitution and child sex trafficking. 

Suit reveals US, S. Korean govts were sex traffickers of Korean women

5.7.19  Many of the women were used for sex at an early age, she explained.  One was sold as a child to a camp town “for 3 bowls of noodle soup.” Another, the daughter of a poor family,  was working as a live-in maid, when she  was “sold by that family to a camp town and trafficked.”  Many were told  that their forced sexual servicing of occupying U.S. soldier was “patriotic,” because it  brought in revenue to South Korea. Others were told that they were “working for national security.”

Edmonton man, woman charged after underage sex trafficking investigation

5.10.19  An Edmonton man and woman face 34 charges between them related to a city police investigation into underage sex trafficking.

In February, the EPS human trafficking and exploitation unit became aware of a 15-year-old girl who was involved in the sex trade. The girl was identified after a proactive investigation where officers search online websites that sell sex, looking for signs of youth or vulnerable people through photos or certain words in the listings.

Human Trafficking Charges Stem From Columbia Assault: Police

5.10.19  Haynes and the 27-year-old victim had traveled across the country — from Maryland to California and back — staying in hotel rooms as he posted online ads with her photo and arranged appointments for her to engage in prostitution. Then he collected the money, according to investigators.

The trafficking of Pakistani Christian girls is a pressing issue

5.9.19  It is a scam at every level, and all such exchanges turn the girls into mere commodities. They are being married off against their will. The unsuspecting parents of these Christian girls are given cash rewards and are told that their prospective sons-in-law are wealthy Chinese converts to Christianity. This is certainly an alluring prospect for many destitute families struggling to put food on the table.

Grand Jury to hear compelling evidence on R. Kelly sex trafficking allegations

5.7.19  On Tuesday, the singer appeared in a Chicago courtroom to challenge a sex tape that prosecutors received from embattled Michael Avenatti which allegedly show the artist sexually abusing a 14-year-old girl.

Prosecutor Lays Out Sex-Trafficking Case Against NXIVM Self-Help Guru

5.7.19  A self-help guru groomed women for sex, subjecting them to "shame and humiliation" and threatening to expose their "deepest, darkest secrets" if they didn't comply with his wishes, a federal prosecutor said on Tuesday.

Witness testifies on secret society's 'sex slave' initiation

5.7.19  Testimony from the first witness came after opening statements in which Assistant U.S. Attorney Tanya Hajjar described Raniere as a master manipulator who used "shame and humiliation" to force women to have sex with him while he was a spiritual leader known as "Vanguard." The prosecutor alleged that Raniere really was a "con man" and "predator" whose offenses included having sex with a 15-year-old girl when he was 45 and having some female followers branded with his initials.

Human trafficking: We need help to tackle cartels –Obaseki

5.6.19  He more collaboration is needed in the areas of enforcement and prosecution of traffickers at the local and international levels, adding, “these traffickers have cartels abroad that we need to deal with.”

4 men arrested, accused of sex trafficking during Derby

5.5.19  In an undercover sting operation, officers made contact with the men, many of whom were under the impression they were meeting young, underage girls with hopes of trading money or drugs for sex. 

2 more women held in child trafficking racket in Erode

4.29.19  …there are enough indications that the racket might be bigger. Of the eight arrested, four are from Erode district raising suspicion that infants could have been trafficked not just from Namakkal but also Erode. This apart, police have received a complaint that Amuthavalli had sold a newborn to a couple from Sri Lanka, suggesting that the trafficking was not just confined to Tamil Nadu or India. 

Local nurse educating others on signs of human trafficked victims 

4.28.19  Lee Health is working with Christy's Cause to educate medical professionals on the signs of human trafficking victims. It all started when an ER nurse noticed an increased number of human trafficking victims. 

Ukrainian woman held in Georgia on human trafficking charges

4.28.19  On April 19, a 37-year-old Ukrainian woman who intended to travel with 10 children (born in 2008, 2014, 2017, and 2018) through Georgia to the occupied Abkhazia. During an interview with enforcement officials, the woman explained that the four children were her own, while the rest were born in Ukraine with the help of reproductive medicine.

Mombasa tycoon in the soup over human trafficking

4.27.19  Mr Paul Adhoch, the Trace Kenya executive director, said that girls are trafficked into the country as traditional dancers only to end up as sex slaves.

“When they come, their documents are confiscated and they are locked up in rooms where they perform exotic dances or sex,” the boss of the anti-people-trafficking NGO said. 

Help For Survivors Of Human Trafficking Might Come This Legislative Session 

4.27.19  “This would force already at-risk communities even further into the shadows, subjecting them to more violence. The language of this bill focuses on the clients and sex workers as a whole rather than on the predators of minors and vulnerable individuals. Sex trafficking and consensual adult sex work are not one in the same,” said Caine. 

Man sentenced to 12 years for sex trafficking 15-year-old in Newark 

4.27.19  At one point, the teen tried to escape, and Schaefer later brandished a Taser and forced the teen to leave the Knights Inn and get into a car. Schaefer, Williams and Rivers drove the teen to the Red Roof Inn on South College Avenue in Newark “for the purpose of engaging in commercial sex acts,” prosecutors said.

3 held in child trafficking case in Namakkal

4.27.19  Preliminary investigations revealed that Amudha, had been allegedly involved in buying and selling about ten children, from Salem, Dharmapuri, Tiruchengode, Omalur and Kollimalai areas.

Babies from poverty-stricken families and kids born to deserted women were mainly sourced through brokers and sub-brokers to be allegedly "sold" to issueless couples who genuinely sought to adopt them.

Missouri Attorney General’s Office partners with law enforcement, transportation professionals to combat human trafficking

4.27.19  Nearly 100 law enforcement and transportation stakeholders gathered to learn about human trafficking in Missouri and how these professionals are uniquely positioned to identify and report suspected trafficking. Information was presented by Emily Russell from the Missouri Attorney General’s Office, Esther Goetsch, Annie Sovcik and Beth Jacobs from Truckers Against Trafficking and law enforcement panelists Sgt. Daniel Nash of the Missouri State Highway Patrol, Keaton Strong from Ritenour School District Crisis Response and Det. Chip Root of Joplin Police Department. The information shared will ultimately lead to more collaboration between the two fields to better prevent, identify and combat human trafficking throughout Missouri.

Senate advances expanded child protection, anti-trafficking legislation

4.26.19  A House bill combating sex trafficking has expanded to include a variety of other provisions in an effort to protect minors — particularly exploited youths — in the state.

Under Sen. Jeannie Riddle’s guidance, Rep. Mary Elizabeth Coleman’s HB 397 has expanded into what one senator referred to as an “omnibus-esque bill” with more than two dozen additional provisions safeguarding minors.

Vancouver man faces 14 charges following human-trafficking investigation

4.25.19  RCMP say a 19-year-old Vancouver man faces 14 charges after an investigation into a missing 16-year-old girl uncovered evidence of human trafficking.

Trial puts spotlight on human trafficking in Vermont

4.25.19  A federal court jury in Burlington began hearing testimony this week about the underbelly of Vermont — tales of prostitution, drugs, human trafficking, guns, and sexually explicit videos and pictures all rolled into one criminal trial.

Long Island man turned parents’ basement into sex dungeon for more than 20 trafficking victims, prosecutors say

4.25.19  A drug-dealing sex trafficker turned his parents’ Long Island basement into a grotesque dungeon where women were forced to have sex on a leopard-print bed next to portraits of his family, prosecutors said Thursday.

Raymond Rodio III kept more than 20 women in the Sound Beach sex den over the past five years, forcing them to sleep in a room with no windows, no shower, and a bucket to relieve themselves, Suffolk County D.A. Timothy Sini said.

47 Arrested In Sex Trafficking Sting In Katy, Fort Bend County 

4.24.19  "During this enforcement and victims services worked tirelessly to identify and recover victims of trafficking, apprehend the perpetrators responsible, and target predators who think buying sex is OK," Wall said. 

Missing teen found, 3 charged with human trafficking

4.24.19  A Kentucky sheriff says a missing teenage girl has been found in the back of a U-Haul truck and three people have been charged with human trafficking.

Stop sex trafficking by ending shell companies 

4.19.19  In the recent Dallas case, Dallas police were able to detect the laundered money, identify the owners, and arrest the alleged perpetrators. Two of the owners opened a bank account with their names on it and deposited more than $6 million of undeclared income into casino accounts to disguise the money as gambling winnings. Detectives were able to uncover this irregularity.

Human trafficking in Georgia

4.18.19  Also called modern day slavery, human trafficking affects millions of lives -- and unfortunately Georgia is one of the leaders in the number of people trafficked.

AKA members talk human trafficking dangers on global impact day

4.12.19  Members of the Alpha Kappa Alpha sorority in Jackson spread the word about the dangers of human trafficking. The Rho Lambda Omega chapter shared the "I am Jane Doe" documentary with the community. The 2017 documentary followed girls sold online and the legal action against In front of a room full of students of all ages and parents at the Jackson medical mall,they learned that human trafficking is a problem all over the country.

Cruel couple kept victims of trafficking as slaves and forced them to work at farms that supply The Happy Egg Company

4.11.19  Darrel Houghton and Jackie Judge, both in their 50s, kept illegally-trafficked Lithuanian men as slaves

Dozens arrested in sex trafficking sting during Minneapolis’ Final Four

4.11.19  More than 50 people were arrested for attempting to solicit children for sex or trafficking victims in the Minneapolis-St. Paul area this month during the NCAA Final Four, authorities said.

Sunset man facing aggravated human trafficking charge

4.11.19  “She stated that along the way, MacFarlane stopped at truck stops and told her that they needed to make money for food and places to stay,” the statement said. “MacFarlane instructed her to approach truck drivers at the truck stops and solicit them oral or regular sex in exchange for money. When she reported back to MacFarlane she would tell him that the truckers weren’t interested.”

The suspect eventually left the victim in Denver.

Human Trafficking Crisis at the Border—Anna Paulina

4.9.19    26.10  Human trafficking is a major crisis in America. Every year tens of thousands are smuggled across border into the US as human slaves. 

Are Corrupt Police Assisting CPS in Trafficking Children?

4.5.19  Child sex trafficking is estimated to be the most financially lucrative illegal trafficking system in the U.S., with more money involved than both the illegal drugs and illegal gun trafficking businesses combined.

When CPS comes to a home, parents are well-advised to know their Constitutional rights and resist any efforts to enter their home without a warrant signed by a judge.

Malaysian inquiry probes trafficking camps, migrant graves

4.18.19  After hearing from a colleague about the camp in the jungle, he sent officers to raid the site in northern Perlis state where they discovered wooden cages and lookout posts, as well as graves and a stretcher to carry dead bodies.

His testimony confirmed long-held suspicions that authorities knew about the camps -- where Rohingya and Bangladeshis were held in appalling conditions after arriving by sea -- for months before going public. 

Column: How to recognize, stop human trafficking in Ohio

4.18.19  Last month, an undercover operation targeting human-trafficking predators led to the arrest of eight men in the Youngstown area. An Ohio survivor has recently been sharing her harrowing story in her work with other survivors to advocate for legislation aimed at ending trafficking. And a new study from the University of Cincinnati identified more than 1,000 Ohio victims between 2014 and 2016 and more than 4,000 at risk of being trafficked in the same period.

Trafficking of human beings and migrant smuggling in mixed migration flows focus of OSCE Mission to BiH-supported training course in Teslic 

4.17.19  The aim of the training course is to increase participants’ knowledge of the processing of trafficking- and migration-related cases. Particular focus will be placed on identifying victims of THB among the migrant and refugee population and psychological aspects of working with them in order to ensure that the victims are provided with the assistance and protection they need. 

Trooper rescues teen sex trafficking victim near Toledo 

4.17.19  During the stop, the trooper noticed a teenage girl riding with a man. Neither had identification or spoke English, and a translator was called to assist. It was determined the girl was 15 and the man was 35, CBS affiliate WTOL-TV in Toledo reported.

Indians shun trafficked dance troupes at weddings

4.17.19  Yet cops and campaigners say the crime is tough to crack as the custom is so popular while traffickers prey on girls - some as young as 12 - and their families by promising dance lessons, good earnings and the prospect of stardom on stage or screen.

The state’s comprehensive train network and porous border with Nepal have long enabled traffickers to move girls easily and sell them to dance groups, according to several activists. 

Man wanted on child molestation, human trafficking charges captured in Texas

4.17.19  Jose-Jose was arrested in June 2016 after being indicted on charges of child molestation and trafficking a person for sexual servitude, said Lt. Scott Ware of the Hall County Sheriff’s Office.

'Underage sex trafficking getting worse’

4.16.19  Director of Stand Up Against Sex-Trafficking of Minors says mobile phone chatting apps put more teenagers at risk of exploitation

China Cracking Down On Brokers Luring Pakistani Women For Trafficking: Report

4.16.19  China is cooperating with Pakistani law enforcement agencies to crack down on the illegal marriage brokers, rejecting Pakistani media reports of human trafficking and sales of organs, a spokesperson from the Chinese Embassy in Pakistan said in a press release on Saturday.

Dershowitz Wanted A Trial Over Sex Trafficking Accusations — He’s Getting One

Boies Schiller brings powerhouse talent to bear in the fallout of sex-trafficking matter.


4.16.19  This isn’t the first time Dershowitz has tangled with Boies over the Epstein matter. Boies has worked with Guiffre and another victim, Sarah Ransome, since 2014. Combined with the work the firm did for Legal Momentum contributing to the shutdown of Backpage for facilitating trafficking and exploitation, work on behalf of victims of sex trafficking and sex abuse has been one of Boies Schiller’s largest pro bono commitments.

‘I am not for sale’ Nigerian women say in anti-trafficking campaign

4.16.19  According to the United Nations (UN), thousands of Nigerian women and girls are lured to Europe each year by the promise of work but end up trapped in debt bondage and forced into prostitution.

Man convicted of buying sex after human trafficking sting in The Woodlands

4.16.19  Gabriel Guel, 33, was one of 75 people arrested in a human trafficking and prostitution sting in The Woodlands that ultimately led to the recovery of five trafficked individuals, one of which was a juvenile.

UK joins forces with Nigeria to fight human trafficking 

4.16.19  The UK government and Nigeria's anti-trafficking agency launched a new media campaign to prevent women and girls from being exploited and sold into modern-day slavery.

The Department for International Development (DFID) said the 'NotForSale' campaign aims to encourage Nigerians to find jobs at home instead of risking their lives to travel to foreign countries in search of work.

Strengthened efforts to prevent and combat trafficking in human beings in Serbia 

4.15.19  Serbia has been identified primarily as a country of origin of victims of trafficking in human beings and internal trafficking has continued affecting an important number of people in recent years. For example, the Centre for Human Trafficking Victims’ Protection identified 76 victims of human trafficking in 2018, out of which 71 were of Serbian nationality. 

Wichita man gets 25 years in prison for sex trafficking

4.15.19  U.S. Attorney Stephen McAllister said Johnell Carter, 23 admitted to punching and biting an 18-year-old woman to make her have sex for money at Wichita hotels. He also admitted to recruiting a 15-year-old to perform sex acts for money. 

Carter advertised both of the women online. 

He pleaded guilty to two counts of sex trafficking.

Global taskforce tackles cybersex child trafficking in the Philippines

4.15.19  The taskforce did not find the alleged local offender but rescued five girls - aged 10 to 13 - who had been groomed and directed to perform sex acts over livestream by the American.

Tens of thousands of girls in the Philippines are estimated by charities to be trapped in the sex trade, with a growing number abused online for global clients due to the country’s cheap internet, high standard of English and widespread poverty. 

Madison man found guilty of sex trafficking charges after 5-day federal trial

4.15.19  Law enforcement officials discovered Graham's scheme in April 2017 after one victim ran and hid behind the front desk of a Madison hotel and an employee called 911. The victim told a nurse that Graham had been strangling her to the point of unconsciousness because she told him she wanted to leave. 

Kenya tops in cases of human trafficking

4.15.19  Kenya has been mapped as a leading source in human trafficking for forced labour and sex trafficking regionally.

According to Awareness Against Human Trafficking, a non-governmental organisation dedicated to fighting the vice, most common  recruitment regions include Nairobi, Mombasa and Kisumu.

R. Kelly's Associates Targeted in Multiple Sex Trafficking Investigations

4.14.19  The authorities are closing in on R. Kelly's circle as prosecutors are looking to pinpoint their involvement in the singer's alleged sex trafficking ring. 

Sex trafficked at 12, survivor fights to save others from same fate

4.13.19  In New York, she became part of the criminal underworld for more than a decade. She learned how to survive on the streets and avoid being arrested. Another young woman offered Barbara heroin, which numbed the physical and emotional pain she endured. She racked up a lengthy criminal record, but still refused to “break the programming” of her trafficker and ask for help.

Federal Human Trafficking Report Finds U.S. Federal Courts Handled 771 Human Trafficking Cases In 2018

4.13.19  The 2018 Federal Human Trafficking Report’s findings are not a prevalence estimate of trafficking in the United States, but instead serve as an objective summary of what the federal system has done to address human trafficking. The Report does not capture data from state prosecutions, state civil suits, or unreported human trafficking cases.


A team of 11 attorneys and 7 law school students reviewed every human trafficking case in the federal court system in 2018. In addition, court documents, press releases, and news sources were used to gather a comprehensive set of data to include type of trafficking case, business model, age of the victim, and district where the case took place, among others. The complete report can be downloaded at

Ex-Cop Infiltrates Human-Sex-Trafficking Ring, Goes In to Rescue Kids on His Own

4.12.19  Ballard has gained international attention as the founder of the organization Operation Underground Railroad, which works to seek out and eliminate sex-trafficking rings across the globe.

Experts: Raid relieves only part of sex trafficking problem

4.12.19  The suspects in this case forced victims to take drugs, threatened them and, in some cases, locked them in a room for days, according to the federal indictment.

Experts said sex trafficking victims aren't always kept captive in hotels or boarding houses like this one. Sometimes, they are given a little bit of freedom.

"They are oftentimes allowed to do certain things, like go to school or hang out with their friends, to a certain extent," said Sawyer.

Traffickers, she said, instill a sense of fear in victims.

"That fear of what's going to happen to them if they don't comply," Sawyer said.

If you know a teen who all of the sudden shows up with bruises, tattoos, or an older boyfriend, take a closer look.

Sex trafficking victim who killed her abuser hopes to change laws

4.12.19  For Sarah Kruzan, childhood was full of pain and abuse.  She was sexually molested and prostituted by a family friend for years…until the day she shot him dead.

"You don’t realize what's happening," said Kruzan "A child should never have to be in those positions."

When she was 17 years old, Sara Kruzan was sentenced to life in prison without parole.  She had been convicted of killing the man who had sexually abused and sex trafficked her for more than five years.  

But during her trial, details of the abuse were not allowed in court.  

Will Trump’s border wall really end human trafficking? Cindy McCain says ‘He’s living in Disneyland’

4.12.19  Sitting alongside McCain and Cooper was a young woman named Nicole Bell, who announced: “I was recruited as a teenage girl.” Bell was just 16 when she was groomed and prostituted by a 32 year-old man, an inciting incident that led to years of drug abuse, jail time, and homelessness that she eventually broke out of when she was 34. Bell now runs Living In Freedom Together (LIFT), a non-profit dedicated to empowering other individuals to exit the commercial sex industry.

5 arrested in connection to sex-trafficking, tattooing of minors in New Orleans, St. Tammany

4.1.19  The 17-year-old girl, who police described as a habitual runaway, faces a charge of trafficking of children for sexual purposes after police accused her of recruiting the 16-year-old girl, also described as a runaway, into having sex with men for money. Figueroa, Rudolph and the 17-year-old girl were booked into St. Tammany Parish jail.

Kortlen Hubbard, who admitted to having oral sex with the 16-year-old girl, was also arrested and charged with felony carnal knowledge of a juvenile. He was booked into Orleans Parish jail, with Johnson.

Man Charged With Human Trafficking

3.29.19  The Limestone County Sheriff's Department broke down the door of a house and arrested a man living there after they say he asked a child to be a prostitute for him.

Ohio ranked as one of the worst states in the nation for human trafficking

2.25.19  A recent report said Ohio ranks fourth in the nation for human trafficking.

ABC 22/FOX 45 spoke to the Oasis House, a local ministry who helps women who have been sexually exploited recover from their trauma.

‘Slave Trainer' Accused of Child Prostitution/Trafficking in Court, Wife Files for Divorce

12.12.2018    Police say Simon Hessler asked that McCord bring a 12-year-old "DCF/foster kid" so he could train her at his "slave quarters" and have sex with her, the warrant says. He said a camper-trailer in the parking lot of the Manchester hotel on Taylor Street could be used for the drop-off and that money would be left there for the person who delivered the girl, the warrant says.

McCord scheduled a drop-off of a "sixth-grade" girl at the trailer. The agreed-upon price for two days of "limitless sex (but no bruises)" - was $500, police said. The girl was to be handcuffed, gagged and blindfolded with equipment Hessler left in the trailer and a photo sent to him once that was done, the warrant said. When he received the picture, Hessler wrote in an email, he would reveal where the money was hidden in the trailer, the warrant said.

Child Sex Trafficking through Child “Protection” Services Exposed – Kidnapping Children for Sex

7.21.2015  When Stone asked her who CPS was turning these children over to with such “gruesome” statistics, Stefano replied that what she discovered, and what the Los Angeles Times was kind enough to publish, was that 1000 “convicted sex offenders” had been given a “green light” by CPS to become “approved foster parents” just in Los Angeles County.