Ben Collins

Last August, I got into an argument with my stepfather and mother. I went to use the bathroom after the verbal conflict. While in the bathroom, I overheard a phone call. My stepdad, Randall Cullen, was on the phone with some type of law enforcement I could tell. He was saying I was dangerous and needed help. My mom, meanwhile, was busy playing weird music I had never heard there and talking about getting me in trouble soon. 

I had a weird feeling while in that bathroom then that day as well. I felt like police would show up at any moment. I was at their house and concluded that Randy had connections to law enforcement unknown to myself ever before that day despite me knowing he is a psychiatrist. My mom immediately approached myself to take me back to my apartment after I got out of the bathroom. She offered me a free meal on the way back to my apartment which was unusual based on how she offered it. 

When I got back to my apartment, things seemed normal. I made some food and tried to rest. Suddenly, I heard people talking from above… My apartment is on the top floor out of 8 stories. For people to be on the roof talking to me didn’t make sense but their voices were originating from that direction. They were claiming to be law enforcement at first. FBI included. As time went on and the threats carried on, they began threatening to rape and kill myself and my family. Many references to cannibalism on their part were made as well. I realized, then, I was being stalked for the first time in my life. My stepfather, Randy, either called some very bad friends he knew or had hired people to stalk me. The threats were made by people nearly laughing as they said such things. One of the people’s voices was familiar however. It was my neighbor friend from down the hall. Tanya Nickel. She and an unfamiliar sounding male continued to gang stalk me with cannibalistic threats including the rape references throughout that night. I didn’t know what to do. 

The threats became more clearly violent and I felt threatened enough to call my father to come over. I knew not to call the police already at that point. He arrived and I left to his house. I thought a break from it all is here now…. I was wrong though. I heard Tanya’s voice and threats in the car. I was trying to put together how. I felt like I knew though. My stepfather, Randall Cullen, must be involved in occult or dark corrupt practices of some kind. They wanted revenge on me and I knew it then. Tanya’s threats continued in the car, accompanied by sirens… No police, firetrucks, nor ambulances in sight. I was panicking about how to ask my father and stepmother about if they heard anything. We stopped at McDonalds. Things were calm for a minute or so or more. They paid for my food and I recognized my need to slow down and focus on basic needs. 

We arrived at my dad and stepmom’s house. I tried to relax mentally without much success. The siren noises continued without any visible explanation. Tanya and someone else were somehow projecting their voices, with threatening messages, into my head or nearby but without my parents hearing what they were saying to me. They were threatening to kill my family and myself at their home that night. They were knocking on the door it sounded like. In retrospect, it was probably only being heard in my head though. They were threatening to arrest me too. I asked my dad and stepmom if they heard the knocking and yelling. I was fearful for my life at one point so much that I did tell my dad and stepmom that their lives and mine were in danger. “We need to act now or it will be too late, Dad” I remember saying. This probably prompted him to call my own psychiatrist the next morning. I realized this because it was rare or unusual for him and my stepmom to take me into my mental health recovery center to see “Doctor B”.

 I told him how I thought I was being stalked by my neighbor somehow… I did think that she had been outside of the apartment during that night. In retrospect, they were projecting remotely. Doctor B expressed concern for my mental health and suggested I take it easy that morning and from there on.. I should note now or share how Randy and Doctor B knew each other prior to all of this and may be closer than I know to this day based on the fact that they both were complicit in my stalking episodes. 

The gang stalking in my apartment continued. I lost weight. I lost my ability to focus on whatever I was supposed to be doing at any point in time. Tanya and a different male voice were soon bothering me, including shining lights through my peephole. Lights or lasers.. At one point, they were shining blue lasers into my apartment somehow… Possibly directed energy weapons. 

As I was writing this, I was still being stalked and still am probably. My stalkers give the impression to me that they will never stop. At least that’s what they want me to believe. So the stalking continued from that day altering meeting with Doctor B. I lost weight and mental stability. They were naming family members related to me without me understanding how they knew them. This still bothers me. I don’t know how Randy knows Tanya Nickel. Life goes on though. I am writing this to spread awareness against gang stalking and to save my own life from being harassed further. Mind control. Whether or not you think it’s possible to control someone’s movements remotely… It is possible and I learned such the day I was detained by local police and unjustly hospitalized for 2 and a half weeks. That day, I was driven to a mental breakdown remotely.