Targeted Individuals Are Protected

How are we protected when we are targeted and tortured?!? I certainly don't feel protected!

Q: What exactly is targeting individuals, and who is behind it all?

A: There are two powerful organizations, both with highly advanced technology, which is kept hidden from the world. They have influence over all major world governments and they have control over every industry.
These two organizations are at war with each other. It is the cold war between these two organizations which has led to the Targeting Individuals Program.

Q: Okay, you still haven't explained what exactly Targeting Individuals is, and second, why on God's green earth would they target me? I don't belong to ANY organization!

A: Targeting is done for two purposes: 

1. As an attack against the opposite organization. 

2. To awaken the third eye (pineal gland) by continuously altering one's brain chemistry, and by engaging with one's third eye through the use of psychotronic technology (telepathic technology). YOU ARE TARGETED BECAUSE you do indeed have a family member, relative or even a distant relative who is a part of one of the two organizations. As such, an attack on you is really meant as an attack on them. It is because both organizations have the same technology that you are not only monitored by those targeting you, but also by your family member/relative and their team. This is how you are protected. Someone who cares about you because they are related to you, is always watching and monitoring you.

Q: I don't believe you. If anyone in my family knew what was happening and had the same technology, why would they let anyone continue doing this to me? Why aren't they helping me?
A: First, I understand the skepticism, it took me 9 years to figure all this out. However, this can in fact be tested. Simply state, "I know I have a family member who can check me for proof, please scan me for anything not normal and all the atoms in my home." Keep an eye on
the time when you say it, and wait exactly 30 to 40 seconds. You will feel some relief and comfort, and perhaps be able to yawn. Anytime you say it, 30 to 40 seconds later you will feel some relief, if only for a moment, because they can't use their technology on you while you're being scanned for evidence of any technology being used against you.
There is a court system. There is justice. If you still don't feel normal after 45 seconds, state the following, "I know we have proof against those who target me." You must repeat this 3 times for it to be used in their court. Keep asking to be checked for proof and keep stating that there is proof if you still don't feel normal. After a few times, you will notice the difference. Say this 3 times as well, "I would like to sue all those we have proof against, for the maximum penalty."
Second, your family member/relative and his or her team are helping you. The rules, unfortunately, do not allow for much help. The help is there, should you be able to recognize it. They can and try to help you through telepathic communications, but due to the rules, they can only do so while imitating your gangstalkers. For instance, if you believe your neighbors are gangstalking you, your family member/relative can only appear to you as your neighbors.   

As such, they make it appear as if those gangstalking you made a mistake or let something slip or leak. Sometimes, when this occurs, that is your family member helping you. There are many rules, and procedures. Gangstalkers are sued all the time. Individuals who have their third eye completely open are also sued all the time for violating the rules.   
Psychotronic technology, along with other advanced technology, can only be used and operated by scientists, as per the rules. It has always been (and always will be) scientists gangstalking you. There are occasions where the scientists will pay someone to gangstalk you, but they don't have access to the technology. They are merely "patched" in like call conferencing, when there are two or more people on the line.
Once they find anything that gets a rise out of you, they will do it over and over to continue their control. They will also fake mistakes and leaks as well, so you continuously believe that it is your neighbors or whoever it is they want you to believe, as long as it is not the truth, which is scientists in lab coats. As soon as you tell yourself that it has only been scientists gangstalking you this entire time, all the images and sounds depicting your neighbors, or celebrities, family members, have all been scientists you will feel some relief and comfort. There is always some peace in truth.

God Bless.