Global Neuroethics Conference
May 25 2019 Banff, Alberta, Canada

Our goal is to host a Global Neuroethics Conference that will educate the general populous on the current exponential growth regarding the fields of neuroscience and neurotechnology; while simultaneously elaborating on the need for new neuro-specific human rights. 


5.7.19    9.09  Dr Joe Dispenza

How Artificial Intelligence is Shaping Personalized Mental Health Care 

4.12.19  “We’ve been trying for years to find a way to partition patients based simply on symptoms and it hasn’t worked out that well,” he said. “But by looking at remission — what treatments helped patients — and clustering people based on their remission using AI, we can see patterns that we haven’t been able to see before about what types of patients will do the best with what types of medications.”


4.5.2019    10.55

Mental Health Declaration of Human Rights

All human rights organizations set forth codes by which they align their purposes and activities. The Mental Health Declaration of Human Rights articulates the guiding principles of CCHR and the standards against which human rights violations by psychiatry are relentlessly investigated and exposed.

Psychiatric Living Will

The following declaration should be signed and witnessed by a notary  public, clergyman, attorney or at least by a trusted friend or reliable  family member. Make several copies of the signed document and keep the  original in a safe place. Give one copy to each of the persons named  below (see pg. 2, item #6). Provide a copy to your attorney, if you have one.

A copy of your signed declaration should also be sent to the local or  international branch of Citizens Commission on Human Rights® (CCHR®). The International address is: CCHR, 6616 Sunset Blvd., Los Angeles, California, United States, 90028.

Heart Attack Gun

4.3.19  CIA Whistleblower talks about a gun that shoots a frozen dart of poison that mimics a heart attack in the victim.

‘Sonic Attacks’ on U.S. Diplomats in Cuba - Auditory Dysfunction Remains Unsolved Mystery

4.2019  While stationed in Havana, Cuba in late 2016, U.S. Embassy workers and their families at home and in hotel rooms heard a powerful, high-pitched sound and, with it, felt a high-pressure sensation. For some, problems with hearing, headaches, and cognition followed. The symptoms were serious enough to warrant evacuation from the country, generate a fair amount of diplomatic upheaval, and cause observers worldwide to scratch their heads and wonder if something truly was rotten in the city of Havana.

Transhumanism: The Big Fraud – Towards Digital Slavery

3.25.19  This is the shortened form of a longer article published by Dr. David Salinas Flores, MD, Professor of Medicine at the Universidad Nacional Mayor de San Marcos, Peru in the International Physical Medicine Rehabilitation Journal.

Millions in US Targeted With RF/Scalar/Sonic Wpns, Nano, Neuro, Chem, Bio Wpns

3.22.19    1.21.08  Introduction to new Information series and read-out and discussion of articles published by Ramola D at The Everyday Concerned Citizen and elsewhere online on the subject of unlawful targeting of the citizenry with EMF/Neuro DEW and Nano technologies. 

Brain trauma suffered by U.S. diplomats abroad could be work of hostile foreign government

3.17.19  Since 2016, dozens of American officials have come home from Cuba and China with unexplained brain trauma. Evidence shows it may be the work of another government using a weapon that leaves no trace

Smart Meters: Countdown to a National Crisis of Illness and Death

2.24.19  We know cancer rates are going up. There was a famous study in Germany – the Niehler Study – which showed cancer rates in a community where there was no cell phone tower. When the cell phone industry came in, there was no increase in cancer rates for 5 years. After 5 years the cancer rate goes up. After 10 years it’s about 4-fold [higher]. This has now been confirmed by other studies.

Michael Large Wrongful Arrest Psychiatric Fraud 

1.24.19  Michael Large, USAF veteran, wrongfully arrested by Upper Moreland Police in PA 2 weeks ago and held in a medical facility on a 302 Hold

The Cerebellum Is Your "Little Brain"—and It Does Some Pretty Big Things

1.18.19  For about two centuries the scientific community believed the cerebellum (Latin for “little brain”), which contains approximately half of the brain’s neurons, was dedicated solely to the control of movement. In recent decades, however, the tide has started to turn, as researchers have revealed details of the structure’s role in cognition, emotional processing and social behavior.

They Spy with Their Little Eye

1.15.19   The Five Eyes, a part of what the NSA calls internally its “global network,” have their dirty fingerprints all over the latest spying scandal engulfing New Zealand, writes exiled Kiwi journalist and activist Suzie Dawson.

Researchers Testing Implantable Brain Devices

1.5.19  In a paper published in the highly cited scientific journal Nature on New Year's Eve, researchers detail a wireless brain device implanted in a primate that records, stimulates, and modifies its brain activity in real time, sensing a normal movement and stopping it immediately.

Gaslighting Basics: From A - Z

1.3.19   24.32  “…these pathological narcissists, who are sociopaths - they come from backgrounds where they were born into families that destroyed their capacity to have empathy…”

The Minds of Men

12.16.2018   3.42.34   Official Documentary by Aaron & Melissa Dykes

Universities and hospitals (notes the university of Illinois and university of Chicago) Funded Psychological Brain and Behavior Research on innocent human beings. Uses psychiatry to destroy the subjects livelihood leading to incarceration, institutionalization, suicide, homicides. This is the Targeting Program Setup used for NONCONSENSUAL HUMAN EXPERIMENTATION RESEARCH for the brain by Military, Intelligence, National Science Foundation, Ivy League Hospitals Laboratories, & Universities as mentioned here in this video as well as all the institutions and agencies listed on the Illinois/Department Of Defense Military Industrial Complex Illinois SmartState Partners List. My violators are the University Of Illinois, State Of Illinois, Department Of Defense.

'Not Just Hysteria':

25 US Employees at Embassy in Cuba Did Suffer Inner-Ear damage from Mystery Illness, Study Says

12.13.2018   "We're not saying it's not an injury to the brain. It may be," Dr. Michael E. Hoffer, lead author of the report and professor at the University of Miami's School of Medicine, told reporters Wednesday. "We do know, for sure, that it's an injury to the ear and that the brain is affected."

Neurotech Startup NextMind - $4.6 Million to Take Brain-Computer Interface to Next Level Using AI

12.12.2018   Founded in 2017, NextMind is a neurotechnology startup developing a groundbreaking, noninvasive, AI-based brain-computer interface for the mass market. Its upcoming hardware and software products, which are anticipated to be introduced in 2019, will allow users to play games and control electronic and mobile devices, including virtual and augmented reality headsets, in real time using just their thoughts. NextMind combines new brain-sensing technology with innovative machine-learning algorithms to translate brain waves into direct digital commands, making it easier for end users to navigate the computer systems they’re using. The discrete noninvasive brain-sensing device they’re developing for the mass market will allow users to play games and control electronic and mobile devices, including virtual and augmented reality headsets, in real time using just their thoughts.

‘Slave Trainer' Accused of Child Prostitution/Trafficking in Court,
Wife Files for Divorce

12.12.2018    Police say Simon Hessler asked that McCord bring a 12-year-old "DCF/foster kid" so he could train her at his "slave quarters" and have sex with her, the warrant says. He said a camper-trailer in the parking lot of the Manchester hotel on Taylor Street could be used for the drop-off and that money would be left there for the person who delivered the girl, the warrant says.

McCord scheduled a drop-off of a "sixth-grade" girl at the trailer. The agreed-upon price for two days of "limitless sex (but no bruises)" - was $500, police said. The girl was to be handcuffed, gagged and blindfolded with equipment Hessler left in the trailer and a photo sent to him once that was done, the warrant said. When he received the picture, Hessler wrote in an email, he would reveal where the money was hidden in the trailer, the warrant said.

‘Slave Trainer' Accused of Child Prostitution/Trafficking in Court,

Wife Files for Divorce

12.12.2018    Police say Simon Hessler asked that McCord bring a 12-year-old "DCF/foster kid" so he could train her at his "slave quarters" and have sex with her, the warrant says. He said a camper-trailer in the parking lot of the Manchester hotel on Taylor Street could be used for the drop-off and that money would be left there for the person who delivered the girl, the warrant says.

McCord scheduled a drop-off of a "sixth-grade" girl at the trailer. The agreed-upon price for two days of "limitless sex (but no bruises)" - was $500, police said. The girl was to be handcuffed, gagged and blindfolded with equipment Hessler left in the trailer and a photo sent to him once that was done, the warrant said. When he received the picture, Hessler wrote in an email, he would reveal where the money was hidden in the trailer, the warrant said.

Flu Shot Lands Man in Hospital, Unable to Speak, Walk, See or Even BREATHE

12.6.2018   A Las Vegas man lost his vision, became partially paralyzed and has been unable to breathe without assistance since getting a flu shot last month.

Senator Demands Proof

That 5G Is Safe

So Does The National Institute For Science, Law & Public Policy

12.4.2018 Senator Blumenthal is presently calling on FCC Commissioner Carr to send the following documentation to his office:

The 5G safety determination from FCC and other relevant health agencies to which Commissioner Carr referred during the field hearing.

Current citations for the studies informing that safety determination.

He said his own constituents have similar concerns about 5G, and that he wants to provide them with accurate information.

Tamarind Removes Fluoride Deposits from Bones, Research Says

12.4.2018   Around 200 million Americans have fluorides in the municipal water, they are supplied with. Fluorides are neurotoxic in nature e.g. Sodium fluoride.  Sodium fluoride, when accumulated in the body and the brain in high levels, can bring about neurological damage. Moreover, fluorides can cause several types of cancer, reduce IQ, promote infertility, low thyroid function, and a weakening bone disease.

Statins HARM patients: Cholesterol-Lowering Drugs Damage Your Heart

12.3.2018  Statistical manipulation and heavy-handed sales tactics are the cornerstones of the pharmaceutical industry, and statins are no different. Big Pharma may call their creation a miracle drug that saves lives, but its still the same industry that created the opioid epidemic.

IARPA: Intelligence 

Advanced Research Projects Activity

12.1.2018 The ODNI was created by President Bush in 2005 to consolidate all 17 Intel agencies under a central authority and manager. This necessitated a complete restructuring and repurposing of America’s Intelligence apparatus, a feat that had never been done before.

John Negroponte, a member of the Trilateral Commission, led the restructuring. During his two year tenure, Negroponte created IARPA to be a technological brainstorming arm to invent surveillance and analysis systems for his department.

Warning for Humanity:

The Madness is Spreading by Design

as the Masses are Deliberately Poisoned with Toxic Pharmaceuticals, Pesticides, 5G wireless, Hormone Disruptors and Toxic Vaccines

11.24.2018  Our society did not become so ludicrous, misguided and defective overnight. It has been decades in the making. And it can be attributed to the purposeful effort by those in control of the government in destroying our educational system and replacing it with a social indoctrination system. Children are no longer taught how to think, but how to feel. Children are being raised by the state as nothing more than cogs in the machine.

Children who question authority or do not act in a subservient manner are immediately diagnosed with ADD and drugged into submission. The public-school system doesn’t want high performers, critical thinkers or anyone questioning their government mandated orthodoxy. The ruling class (aka Deep State) wants controllable, malleable, non-thinking automatons to do the menial low paying jobs, buy cheap foreign crap with their credit cards, and be dependent upon the state for their miserable existence.

Big Pharma’s Dangerous Drugs

Are Now Killing More People

Than Guns or Automobile Accidents

11.20.2018  As reports from 2015 show, just the sale of opioids alone equates to $9.6 billion for Big Pharma — and now, pharma companies are making a whole stack of drugs to treat the problems associated with their toxic pain relievers. Estimates from The Washington Post reveal that Big Pharma is making $1.4 billion on drugs to “treat” addiction, and another $1.3 billion on drugs to deal with overdoses. It’s estimated further that the industry makes between $1.9 billion and $4.8 billion on drugs to treat side effects of opioids. There is even a laxative on the market aimed at treating “opioid-induced constipation,” a condition that was actually made up by pharma companies.

Massive CDC Cover-Up Under Way as “Polio-Like” Illness Spreads

11.19.2018   Over the past several years, the mainstream media has taken notice that hundreds upon hundreds of children are becoming mysteriously paralyzed by the disease, which does, in fact, have a link to the polio virus found in polio vaccines.

As it turns out, tests revealed that polio-vaccinated children had enterovirus D-68 in their bodies – enterovirus D-68 being a “cousin” of the polio virus that wreaked havoc throughout the earlier part of the 20th century.

Child Sexual Abuse: Deep State Conspiracy of Silence

11.11.2018  In the early 1990s, John DeCamp took a lead role in investigating the Franklin Savings & Loan child-abuse and money-laundering scandal that rocked the state and nation. His investigation uncovered the darker side of mind and behavioral control, used in what’s now generally referred to as the Monarch Program. Children, tortured and programmed at the nearby Offut Air Force Base, were sadistically used to serve the disgusting pleasures of corrupt elements among the elite, and to compromise congressmen and other officials in blackmail operations. 

CIA Mind Control: Doctors Who Stand Against Microwave Harassment

11.10.2018   Not only have criminals with degrees in medicine, such as Dr. Joseph Mengele and Dr. Ewen Cameron, participated in crimes against humanity through obscene mind control programs; but real doctors, including the Chief Medical Officer of Finland, have spoken out against these crimes.

Fox News Promotes RFID For Medical Purposes — Here’s Why You Shouldn’t Take The Chip

11.7.2018  It’s not like NSA recently got caught spying on everyone in the world? They would never ever be able to use the microchip to track you ever. Edward Snowden never revealed they tracked phones and smartphones. What makes you think RFID technology wouldn’t be abused and used to track people?

EMF Portal

The internet information platform EMF-Portal of the RWTH Aachen University summarizes systematically scientific research data on the effects of electromagnetic fields (EMF). All information is made available in both English and German. The core of the EMF-Portal is an extensive literature database with an inventory of 26,963 publications and 6,224 summaries of individual scientific studies on the effects of electromagnetic fields.

The EMF-Portal is a project of the femu working group of the Institute and Out-patient Clinic of Occupational Medicine of the University Hospital RWTH Aachen.

Neuronal Ion Channels

and Their Sensitivity to ELF

11.6.2018  The very concept of “disability” will disappear: thanks to new technologies and all people will be remotely controlled from Pentagon to fit their Agenda…

UK to Open Five

AI Medical Technology Centres

11.5.2018  AI to diagnose disease and gain better insights into treatments and prevention, as well as using robots to support people, in rehabilitation, dementia support or medication management'.

Thousands of NHS staff are to be trained to use robotics and artificial intelligence, it was announced in April.

Wireless Warfare Exposed

Includes ways to protect your family.

10.28.2018 1:15:42 Sometimes what you don't know CAN HURT YOU.

Scientific Testimony on 5G

and Radiation Health Effects

10.4.2018  Sharon Goldberg, MD is an Integrative Internal Medicine Physician. Dr. Goldberg has clinical expertise treating environmental illness, including Microwave Syndrome (Electro-Sensitivity).

Paul Heroux is Professor of Toxicology, Electromagnetism and Health. He began his career studying health effects of electromagnetic fields and radiation. Professor Heroux is considered an expert in the field of electro biology, having authored several textbooks. He has extensive teaching and research experience with the biological effects of electromagnetic radiation. 

Peer Reviewed Scientific Research

on Wireless Radiation

Published Research Links Cell Phone and Wireless To Health Effects

Interoception and Mental Health: A Roadmap

6.2018   interoceptive assessment, interoceptive integration, interoceptive psychopathology, and the generation of a roadmap that could serve as a guide for future endeavors.

Biophysics of Microwave Auditory Effect

3.26.2018  By modulating the pulse duration one can realize an amplitude modulation of the lowest acoustic frequency of an acoustic resonator made e.g. of a plastic sphere filled with water (that heavily absorbs microwaves as in your microwave oven when you heat up a glass of milk), or your head filled with a grey matter having a high water content as most biological tissues do. 

Mental Health Declaration of Human Rights

All human rights organizations set forth codes by which they align their purposes and activities. The Mental Health Declaration of Human Rights articulates the guiding principles of CCHR and the standards against which human rights violations by psychiatry are relentlessly investigated and exposed.

No-Touch Microwave Torture

by Electronic Harassment—

New Socio-Criminal Problem 

of Global Proportions

3.10.2018     2:11:12  This is the full version of the presentation that Dr. Matthew Aaron gave at the 1st Annual Unity & Hope Conference for Targeted Individuals in Boston, MA, Oct. 21, 2017. Dr. Aaron’s talk considers electronic harassment, an atrocious crime that can manifest itself as a within-community form of high-tech terrorism. Electronic harassment (EH) involves the use of energy-emitting devices to inflict discomfort and pain, and sometimes, severe physiological effects on targeted individuals (TIs). EH can be carried out by a single perpetrator, acting alone. However, like organized stalking (OS), EH tends to relentlessly follow a victim, so it seems to be generally carried out by an organized group of perpetrators, who conspire to single out and harm their targeted victim. There is a large degree of consensus in the TI Community that EH is facilitated by two types of enabling technologies: directed-energy weapons (DEWs) and through-the-wall surveillance (TWS) technology. Dr. Aaron’s presentation is organized into four parts: (1) possible technologies, criminal actors, and motives behind EH; (2) bio-effects of EH; (3) costs to society of EH, economic and otherwise; (4) key issues related to how we might start counteracting this new crime.

EEG Cloning and Brain Mapping Via AI

2.28.2018 University Hospitals around the country, are being used by military and corporations to run VERY illegal operations, certain individuals (often creative or right brained dominant will be targeted for brain mapping) they’re testing artificial intelligence that runs through electro magnetic frequencies (yes this is possible to do so, it’s all transcranial) many artists, intuitive, peculiar people are covertly being experimented on, usual suspects are Drug users since they are the perfect candidates for such a thing, intelligence agencies and military sometimes monitor criminals, terrorist, hackers on the darknet many of times.

“Smart” Meters

12.4.2017  Smart Meter placement seems to be a wonderful convenience, however, these meters use 2.4 GHz microwave (and 900 MHz) radiation for communications which is what our microwave ovens, Wi-Fi routers and other wireless devices use.  The Smart Meters are also on 24/7. Although consultants average the electromagnetic radiation emitted, they do not take into account research showing that pulsed radio frequency radiation is harmful even at lower power. It is the spikes of pulsed energy and not the average power density that causes the harm to cellular structures.

Mind-Body Interface and

Bioelectronic Medicine

10.29.2017 40:04 The Academy of Medical Sciences 2017 FORUM Lecture, delivered by Professor Kevin Tracey, explored the mind-body interface.

UN Normalizing Pedophilia:

Deep State Free to Prey

10.2017  This Article touches the very roots of the evil system names at the very heart of our problem putting an article in the truth it stands in for what it is a real power punch article that hits deep.

Cuban Embassy Attacks and The Microwave Auditory Effect

9.25.2017  21 staffers have suffered a bizarre array of injuries ranging from hearing loss to dizziness to concussion-like traumatic brain injuries. Some staffers have reported hearing incapacitating sounds in the embassy and in their hotel rooms. The reports range from clicking to grinding, humming, or even blaring sounds. One staffer described being awoken to a horrifically loud sound, only to have it disappear as soon as he moved away from his bed. When he got back into bed, the mysterious sound came back.

Total Individual Control Technology: Insider Exposes How You & Your DNA are Being Targeted

8.28.2017  This technology manipulates the electrical signals in the brain, thus controlling thoughts and feelings and emotions and sensations throughout the body. It works by rewiring the brain by creating new neural pathways and destroying existing neural pathways, thus this literally changes the way a person thinks and thus behaves.

Zach Bush, MD Describes Factors Leading to Electrosensitivity and the Importance of Repairing
the Extracellular Matrix

10.2016     3:12  Dr. Zach Bush of Revolution Health and Biomic Sciences in Charlottesville, VA speaking at the Global Foundation for Integrative Medicines conference in October 2016 as part of the EMF Panel Q&A. Dr. Bush describes the loss of bacterial communication in our bodies from modern food and farming practices, the ravages from the weedkiller glyphosate, that worsens it, and the importance of addressing and repairing the extracellular matrix in order to heal from electrosensitivity and the common leaky membranes and autoimmunity that accompanies it.

Science of Electroceuticals

and Bioelectronics

9.30.2016   7:28  The next frontier in medical science? Harnessing the electronic signals of the human nervous system to treat diseases has been described as the next great frontier in medical science. 

Brainjacking – a new cyber-security threat 

8.23.2016  Brain implants are becoming more common. As they get approved for treating more diseases, become cheaper, and get more features, increasing numbers of patients will be implanted with them. This is a good thing overall but, just as a more complex and interconnected internet resulted in greater cyber-security risks, more advanced and widespread brain implants will pose tempting targets to criminals. Consider what a terrorist could do with access to a politician’s mind or how coercive blackmail would be if someone could alter how you act and think. These are scenarios that are unlikely to remain purely in the realm of science fiction for much longer.

Sandy Hook Shooter’s Psychiatrist Arrested

6.14.2016  Just six months earlier, the 59 year old psychiatrist had been accused of sexual assault of a female patient while practicing as a psychiatrist in Brookfield, Connecticut. The patient in question was 19 years old, and state records show that Fox prescribed her “three to four” psychiatric drugs and also gave her free samples. The girl’s mother stated her daughter “was turning into a zombie.”

Trauma Survivors Have Symptoms Instead of Memories

3.15.2015  You can learn to modulate your emotions as part of the healing process. With coping skills, you can dampen the emotional rollercoaster. With self-care, you become less vulnerable and can tolerate more stimuli without getting triggered. The overall result is that you feel more stable in your life, your symptom is reduced and you can regulate your emotions.

Yet Another Cancer Doctor Admits Fabricating False Positives 

to Profit from Selling Toxic Chemotherapy

1.9.2015   To cover it up, all causes of death of these women who killed by chemotherapy are instead listed as being caused by "cancer." There likely isn't a single death certificate in America where the cause of death is listed as "chemotherapy." This is how the industry buries the truth about the number of women it is routinely killing while raking in criminal profits by committing massive health care fraud. Some even call it "medical murder" carried out by the medical mafia.

CIA and Torture: "Counter Intelligence"

9.22.2014   9:34   A clip from the documentary "Counter Intelligence: Necrophilous" by Metanoia Films

Medical Nanobots Will Connect Brain to Cloud Computing

2.6.2014  The reverse engineering of the human brain has already been announced to be well under way via new microchips and accompanying software. And, while full nanobot rewiring of the brain is not expected before 2020, has reported that our DNA has been successfully targeted by nanobots “for drug therapy or destruction.”

USAF Proposal Request

2014  The U.S. Air Force is currently interested in improving human capabilities through the development of advanced human-machine interfaces and the establishment of direct methods used to augment human performance. 

Effects of Complex Trauma: Hyperarousal  

6.20.2013   2:24   A simple and summarised look at one of the many possible (but not definitive) effects of complex trauma, hyper-arousal and raised arousal baseline.

"Smart Meters" & EMR:
The Health Crisis Of Our Time

9.27.2012 Interview with Dr. Dietrich Klinghardt about evidence of damage to human health from "smart" meters. This interview is from the making of the revelatory documentary Take Back Your Power (2013)

Vision Reconstruction

12.1.2011    2.55  Using Hollywood movie trailers, UC Berkeley researchers have succeeded in decoding and reconstructing people's dynamic visual experiences. 

Surviving MK-Ultra: Part 1

3:10  Countless people were unwittingly subjected to CIA experiments from 1953 to 1973.

Part 2

5:14  These true stories, from people who were experimented on by the CIA, show what happens when the government abuses its power.

Part 3

3:55  This secret CIA program was an incredible breach of trust with the American and Canadian public.

A Micro-Robot System For Intravascular Therapy And Controling Method Thereof

8.31.2011 …micro-robot systems for blood treatment, comprising a magnet with any of the magnetization direction, and the micro-robot part a projection formed on a spherical surface; And three-dimensional in any direction, setting the direction of said micro robot, and an electromagnetic field which drives so as to progress while generating a magnetic field rotating addition the microrobot self-generating unit

Are You A Target? Electronic Harassment Symptoms

1.2011  If you have experienced any of these symptoms, according to this website, you may be a "Targeted Individual" and you might not even know you are.

Psychiatric Diagnoses Prone to Abuse

11.8.2010  “…psychiatric diagnosis is not based on pathological criteria. The closest the article comes to addressing this problem is the statement that “Even in the best clinical scenario, a psychiatric diagnosis is tricky, experts say; doctors have no X-rays to help apply the criteria defining a mental illness”

Terrorism and Mental Health:

The issue of psychological fragility 

10.2009   Of late, there are reports of a new and dreadful invention of weapons of violence that are called Bio-electromagnetic Weapons. According to the description by an Institute of Science in Society, these weapons operate at the speed of light, can kill, torture and enslave without making physical appearance. It further adds that voices and visions, daydreams and nightmares are the most astonishing manifestations of this weapon system, it is also capable of crippling the human subject by limiting his/her normal range of movement, causing acute pain the equivalent of major organ failure or even death and interferes with normal functions of human senses. It can cause difficulty with breathing and induce seizures besides damage to the tissues and organs.

Cognitive and Neurobiological Alterations in Electromagnetic Hypersensitive Patients

Results of a case-control study

12.2008  Whereas provocation studies often failed to demonstrate a causal relationship between EMF exposure and symptom formation, recent studies point to a complex interplay of neurophysiological and cognitive alterations contributing to symptom manifestation in electromagnetic hypersensitive patients (EHS).

Results demonstrate significant cognitive and neurobiological alterations pointing to a higher genuine individual vulnerability of electromagnetic hypersensitive patients.

Sentient World: War Games On the Grandest Scale

6.23.2007 Purdue University professor Alok Chaturvedi, co-author of the SWS concept paper, is now pitching SWS to DARPA and discussing it with officials at the US Department of Homeland Security, where he said the idea has been well received, despite the thorny privacy issues for US citizens.

Leaked Pentagon Video Shows 

Vaccine Designed to ~ Modify Behavior ~

4.13.2005     4:15   Vaccination 

against the “God gene”

Behavioral and Cognitive Effects of Microwave Exposure

7.9.2003  This paper presents an overview of the recent behavioral literature concerning microwave exposureand discusses behavioral effects that have supported past exposure standards. Other effects, which are based on lower levels of exposure, are discussed as well, relative to setting exposure standards.

Microwave Exposure: Safeguarding Public Health in the Absence of National Standards

1997  During the last half century, use of electromagnetic radiation  has  increased  tremendously,  especially  the portion  of  the  electromagnetic  spectrum  commonly called radio frequency (RF) radiation that includes the microwave  region. To  the  general  public,  the proliferation of military, industrial, and consumer appli-cations  of  RF  radiation  are  evident  in  everyday  life—from  numerous  radar  sites,  industrial  and  commercial use  of  microwave  ovens,  radio  and  television  stations,advanced  medical  devices,  and  computers,  to  the  in-creasing use of communication systems such as cellular telephones  and  satellite–Earth  stations. 

The Innocent Victims of Brain Research  

1982 USAF report: “While initial attention should be toward degradation of human performance through thermal loading and electromagnetic field effects, subsequent work should address the possibilities of directing and interrogating mental functioning, using externally applied fields”

Biological Effects and Health Implications of Microwave Radiation

9.19.1969  Since there is presently a great deal of uncertainty concerning the effects of low-intensity microwave and radio-frequency radiation on the mammalian central nervous system, a concerted effort has been made to include a comprehensive presentation of various aspects of this problem. 

LSD Testing On British Marines 1964

1964 41 Royal Marine Commando

Ivan Pavlov: Experiments in Conditioning

1928?  5:55  Historical footage shows Pavlov at work.